INKAS Safe Fireproof Gun Safes: Lock Up Your Weapons Securely

Weapon safety issues are no exaggeration or overstatement. While the frequency of gun-related accidents is still high, caution is key for prudent owners of guns in actively securing their weapons. Such an option can work well for many people who are buying the safest long-lasting gun safe produced by a trustworthy company. The heavy-duty fireproof gun safes have fire resistance beyond the normal level of just being fire-proof, while at the same time preventing theft and unauthorized access.

The Need for a Fireproof Safe

A high-quality fireproof gun safe is by all means an important step in securely storing firearms. Moreover, a fire-resistant gun safe gives a maximum chance for guns and ammunition to remain safe even in cases when a fire breaks out

Gun owners must keep the firearms in safe and secure storage during the time of non-use to prevent anyone who does not have authorization from getting to the guns or there could be a theft of the firearms. Experts’ recommendation of a fireproof safe is the best way to treat this matter most responsibly. The heavy-duty safes have been made and tested to stay with the high amount of heat for a while without the event of the loss of everything that is in it.

The level of fire resistance is characterized by the number of hours a safe will take to give out in the case of high temperatures. Likewise, a 2-hour fire safe can survive temperatures of 1700°F for 2 hours before the inside of the safe gets to 350°F. The higher the amount of steel and thickness of fireproofing, the rating and cost of the building increases.

Furthermore, the fireproof gun safe deters burglaries and losses triggered by natural disasters. They are very bulky, with a weight range of 500 to 2500 pounds, thus making them not portable at all. With fireproof thick plates of steel and doors made of composite materials, safe boxes also ensure a high level of safety against attacks from looters. These tubes not only remain floating under e.g. 2-3 meters of water for days on end, but also manage to keep their contents safe.

Choosing the Right INKAS Safe Gun Cabinet for Your Needs

During selecting a reliable gun storage the owners should evaluate how many firearms they own and will store. INKAS Safe Manufacturing, a leading and reliable company, offers a fire safe box that can be in a variety of sizes for different owners’ demands. For a small collection of only about half a dozen guns, any one of their variants will perform well. Smaller-sized vaults still feature the same solid steel construction and fire protection characteristics as larger safes.

Regarding medium-sized collections of fewer than two dozen firearms, the TL15 or UL-TL15 designs can be taken into consideration. These safes are spacious enough to accommodate handguns, rifles, and ammunition but easily fit in a closet or garage, offering a third level of security.

The company also provides its clients with extra-big models suitable for use by commercial institutions or gun enthusiasts. Their spacious storage cabins can hold a large number of weapons for the Police force. But these colossal safes need to be installed by professionals and might not fit in a typical house.

There you go – INKAS Safe Manufacturing stands for top-notch, fireproof gun safes custom-built to secure your guns and other valuables. Their advanced technology with fireproof designs far exceeded industry standards and offered nonpareil protection against burglars, fire, and other threats. Thanks to higher-level locking mechanisms, different sizes, and modifiable insides, INKAS Safe lets responsible gun owners like you perfectly lock weapons at home or while on trips.

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