Inspiring Horse Racing Movies To Watch In 2024

There are few sports that transform into Hollywood scripts better than horse racing. The action on the track can sometimes feel like it has been written for a movie, with some of the biggest stories able to capture the attention of the mainstream audience that don’t typically watch the sport on a regular basis.

For that reason, there have been no shortage of inspiring horse racing films released throughout history, with some even based on real life stories that have played out on track. But, what are some of the most inspiring horse racing films that fans of the sport should watch in 2024?

Phar Lap

There have been few more successful horses in Australian racing than Phar Lap. Such was his importance in the nation that his death in 1932 was mourned by the entire country. The 1983 film named after the famous thoroughbred is focused on the life of the legendary horse who overcame the odds in horse racing, with the movie starting on the sad note following the news of his death.

However, the movie by David Williamson takes the viewer back to his domination on track, with the opening sequence seeing Phar Lap arriving in Australia before being purchased for £168. The story follows those that knew the horse best. On track, the legendary horse won the Melbourne Cup, while also claiming victories in the Australian Derby and the Cox Plate.

At the same of his death in 1932, he was the third-highest stakes winner in the world, and his heart is proudly displayed in the National Museum of Australia.

Ride Like A Girl

Ride Like A Girl is one of the most uplifting racing stories available to watch in movie format. The feature was directed by Rachael Griffiths, and it stars Teresa Palmer and Sam Neil. It recalls the true story based on the life of Michelle Payne, who made history in 2015 by becoming the first women to ride the winner in the Melbourne Cup.

The movie starts with a flash back of the real Payne revealing that she wants to win the Melbourne Cup when she grows older. In the film, viewers can learn about Payne’s life growing up with nine other siblings and being the daughter of Paddy Payne.

Payne’s victory in the Melbourne Cup remains one of the most famous moments in the history of the sport, with her winning speech also being one of the most iconic moments in Australian sport’s recent history.


There are few more significant races on the horse racing schedule than the Grand National. It is one of the most watched racing events in the world, and it has shaped British culture throughout history.

There have been no shortage of historic moments throughout National history, but few have plugged on the heartstrings as much as the story of Bob Champion. The film focused on the life of the jockey was released in 1984, with John Hurt portraying Champion. The film follows the athlete from the news of his cancer diagnosis, before showing the struggles that he endured when it came to removing the diseased testicular.

However, the power of the stories continues when he finally returns to action following chemotherapy to ride in the 1981 Grand National. As well as Champion recovering from a life-changing illness, his ride Aldaniti was also on the mend after suffering a career-threatening injury. However, the duo would join up for great success at Aintree to win the world famous race. The moment was later voted at 61st in the top 100 Greatest Sporting Moments in history.

Dream Horse

National Hunt racing often produces the stories that stay with horse racing fans in the United Kingdom and Wales, with horses typically costing less which enables average people to dare to dream about getting involved in the sport. That is very much the case when it comes to the story that Dream Horse following. The movie follows a horse called Dream Alliance, who is bred by a barmaid and cashier with very little money.

A syndicate is then born between those involved, who send the horse to Phillip Hobbs in the hope of winning one of the biggest races on the calendar. However, Dream Alliance faced no shortage of issues throughout his career, including when suffering a tendon injury.

The syndicate fought for the horse and paid for his surgery, before he returned to the track better than ever for the Welsh Grand National. He would eventually win that race, before competing in the Grand National. However, he wouldn’t win again following his victory at Chepstow, with each syndicate member picking up £1,430 following their investment in Dream Alliance. The syndicate continues to be in operation, with Jan Vokes continuing to welcome new fans to get involved in the sport.

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