Instagram Promotions – Some Unique Working Ways to Get More Likes

Social media promotions now set open newer and engaging ways for marketing people to promote their products and brands. If you are not on Instagram, it is time to rethink your promotional strategies by including this promising platform too. With Instagram being rapidly evolving and upgrading over the last several years, you will not explore only the same limited volume of engagement as before if you do not revamp your strategies. Based on some recent statistics, the visual space of Instagram is becoming more crowded, and a greater number of promoters are now fighting tooth and nail here to engage their customers better.

As a result of such growth for Instagram, brandsare now trying more and many strategic tactics to boost their Instagram promotions to reach their target audience. Here in this article, we will discuss some expert tips and fair practices, which will help you, succeed in the Instagram promotion.

Smart ways to promote your Instagram posts

Ramp up your brand content production

When it comes to Instagram, there is no shortage of content that you may be able to publish on your feeds. You can think of anything like MMS, customer photos, micro size videos, and so on. To figure out what works the best for your target audience, you need to do some trial and error. Ramping up your content making and posting at the most successful intervals is the key. As an active marketer, you may try to publish on Instagram at least once a day as industry best practice. Many major brands tend to post two or three times a day based on their target audience. Once you can roll out more and more content, it is crucial to seek more engagement by understanding the apt time for posting on Instagram.

The real takeaway on Instagram is that it moves much quicker than it was a couple of years ago in terms of the content. So, all brands competing on Instagram should ramp up if they want to keep their pace up. To create more and more engaging content with your audience, make sure that you have a very comprehensive content strategy in place and use the data to create the right content at the right time.

Cross-promote Instagram posts across social media networks

It takes a lot of effort to snag a perfect shot and spice it up with an intelligent caption, and so you should not let all these efforts go in vain. Cross-platform posting your content on various social networks is a no-brainer for marketers to ensure more returns out of your online presence. For example, you can easily promote your Instagram content across Facebook and Twitter to maximize the reach. Even though it is a smart move to do cross-platform promotion, always remember that each social platform may have some unique practices to follow. For example, Instagram may be heavier on hashtags, whereas you may want to craft a different description for your Facebook.

Build content people-centric

Even though Instagram is an ideal platform to get more sales, it is still the utmost space to share individual experiences. The popularity of selfie pictures on Instagram will testify to this fact. Customer photos have the same popularity on Instagram as promo pictures. So, you may experiment with images of customers using the real products at their settings to have a greater appeal on Instagram. Advertising in a human way is an ideal approach on Instagram without bombarding the followers with a call to action like “By Now.”

This is the reason why user-generated content like photos of the customers becomes a goldmine for the brands. Not only the followers on your Instagram love it while brands shout them out, but also the customer photos will represent the marketing power while people search for your products. To curate user-centered content for your Instagram feeds, you need to understand how the hashtags will help you promote on Instagram. This leads to the next point we discuss here.

Experimenting with industry and brand hashtags

Both big and small brands need to have hashtags to increase the promotion and sharing of their content on behalf of the followers. Doing this effectively need not be rocket science to explore. For example, the top brands tend to promote their hashtags, and many loyal fans promoting their brand organically with hashtags. Beyond the customers, you have to promote on Instagram using generic and community hashtags specific to your industry. Taking some extra generic hashtags will essentially make your post more searchable and make it findable by the followers to instantly increase your reach.Like4Like aids in hashtag campaigns to increase your reach.

Here, you also need to take into consideration the advantages of analytical tools for hashtags. Many such tools will let you track and analyze the performance of various hashtags to find what is resonating with your ideal target audience. With the use of these advanced hashtag analytical tools, you will also be able to move beyond the quantitative data to find qualitative and actionable insights related to the usage of hashtags. This will also let you fully understand the campaign performance and measure your success level. Additionally, you can identify the relevant hashtags to dive deeper into the brand-specific conversations which consumers may have on social media

Tag other brands, locations, and followers

When you are trying to reach more and more customers, it is a highly effective way to tag others to promote your content. Here, we are not simply talking about the hashtags. Instead, we are talking about tagging real people and locations to enhance visibility. You may also think of tagging other brands and accounts as a shortcut for your brand to reach more. You may think of anyone who receives the notification and tag them out.

Likewise, you can also use tagging effectively as a model of courtesy, which is an Instagram best practice. You must try to tag the location is also whenever possible. For example, suppose there is a physical location for your business or some places where you regularly attend the events. In that case, location-tagged posts will allow you to explore potential followers and fans.

While you are planning for Instagram strategies, always make sure that your feet stand out in the means of understanding the platform’s best practices and also the evils of the platform. Closely monitor your activities on Instagram to gauge your level of success and retune the same.

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