Institutional Crypto Trading 2024: What To Expect?

The cryptocurrency market underwent crucial changes during the last few years, especially in the 2020s, when institutions started to actively enter it. Today, prominent companies such as MicroStrategy and Tesla invest in Bitcoin, while banks such as JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs add crypto trading desks for their clients. In this article, we will discuss trends and strategies for 2024 crypto market trading. 

Institutional Trading Predictions

In 2024, institutional trading of crypto is supposed to develop and grow, with emerging trends shaping the landscape. Here are key insights into crypto market trends 2024:

  • Improved regulations. Regulatory frameworks worldwide are expected to evolve, providing clearer guidelines and creating a more secure and compliant environment for institutional investors.
  • Advancements in trading technology. Institutional trading platforms will leverage cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase efficiency and stay competitive.
  • Widespread adoption of tokenization, including real estate, stocks, and commodities, will witness increased adoption among institutional investors. 
  • Broader range of derivatives. The variety and complexity of crypto derivatives will expand, offering institutions more tailored instruments for hedging, speculation, and risk management.
  • Active collaboration with traditional finance. More banks, asset managers, and investment funds will establish partnerships or enter the crypto space directly.

Notable Developments in Crypto and Upcoming Events

By general expectations, crypto prices will grow in 2024. It is explained by a range of events that are likely to create a bullish narrative:

  • In January 2024, the crypto sector awaits a significant event – the approval of a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the U.S. The SEC holds meetings with representatives from exchanges and would-be issuers. January 10 is the deadline by which the SEC can approve or reject applications. This approval is likely to boost market liquidity and add stability to the unpredictable crypto market.
  • In April, we expect the 4th Bitcoin halving that will cut the mining reward for BTC in half. As it usually happens before halvings, the BTC price should surge before the event. And as we all know, Bitcoin’s price ups and downs largely affect the rest of the market.
  • Some parts of the Markets in Crypto-assets Law (MiCA) in the EU are scheduled for implementation in June 2024. This is a step for safeguarding investors and ensuring financial stability, all while fostering innovation in the crypto space. 

Institutional crypto trading 2024 is expected to demonstrate growth and evolution with improved regulations and technological advancements. The approval of a Bitcoin ETF at the beginning of the year and the upcoming Bitcoin halving are some of the key events expected to influence the market’s trend in 2024.

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