Interesting Facts about Home Automation

Home Automation

For people who have already experienced all the benefits of a smart home, this notion means not simply a place where we actually live, take a rest and spend time with family members and friends. It is the critical surrounding for information exchanging, time allocation, and in some cases even business.

A smart home is a place that should be perceived as everything required for your human comfort and secured life. Everyone wants to be protected day and night living in safe conditions and a cozy environment. Moreover, we all need extra options to have an added level of comfort that will allow us to feel confident in some unpredictable or urgent circumstances. 

It is difficult to find someone who would not like to have all these living conditions. Due to the contemporary home automation enhancements, including simple smart motors and mounting brackets for actuators, it becomes possible to experience these great feelings of being protected and comforted. 

9 blowing-mind facts about home automation

To highlight the topic of home automation even more, there are the top 9 real-world facts on smart technologies for home improvement. You may find even more facts dedicated to this matter but these are indeed captivating. 

  • Automated thermostats help to save on the heating bill up to 20% or even more per year. 
  • More than 40% of clients find security as one of the key reasons they decided to buy the system of home automation.
  • According to the statistics, a common family could have approximately 500 internet- supported electronic devices in one year.
  • You can find today more than 1 billion internet-capable LED light bulbs.
  • The technology of automated homes could allow everyone to cut the electricity bill up to 30%.
  • 57% of the surveyed consider smart devices as time-saving. Correctly, they say that the automated system for home gives them the opportunity to gain 30-40 minutes of leisure time per day. Over a year it is 185 hours in total. 
  • More than 70% of customers find lightning control as the most attractive and popular feature. 
  • Up to 35% of licensed professionals in real estate say that these types of homes are selling quicker in comparison with traditional living places. 
  • The most regular automated home devices encompass thermostats, lighting control, camera systems, and TV lifts.

What are the benefits of home automation?

The diverse smartphones we have today are one of the biggest technological achievements over the last 20 years, the next major move is further improvement and growth of the automation home industry. 

Probably, you find all these things as a blind desire to follow the latest technological innovations or a chance for householders to flaunt, but it is possible to discover simply fantastic benefits. Interested in several examples? Read further to see them:

Increasing your home security

As an example, you can easily join motion detectors, video cameras for observing inside/outside of the house, smart door locks including other important safety measures in order to make them activated through a mobile device. It is also possible to receive alarm messages if you want. 

Controlling all home appliances from one interface. 

You will need only to learn the app installed on your phone or another gadget. In such a way you will get access to diverse functions your smart home has in one place. 

The enhanced functionality of your home appliance. 

Except for common features your home appliances have, they can obtain new useful functions. Speaking about our typical TVs, you can make them smarter if to use a linear actuator and control system for eligible lifting. You and your guests will enjoy it very much. Special apps can help you to collect your favorite channels, movies, and music in one list at the click of the button.

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