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Apple Inc. released the iPhone on July 11th, 2007, an innovative product that would, later on, shape the industry and change the world.

iPhone was the first smartphone to hit the market with 32GBs of storage space and an edge-to-edge display that sets it apart from other models like Samsung’s Galaxy S series. It was designed as a combination of three products: a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a break through Internet communications device.

While revolutionary for its time, the first-generation iPhone had a pretty small offering of applications. It wasn’t really until 2008, when the App Store first launched, that mobile phone applications became a ‘thing’ – and most will argue that it was this move that truly set today’s modern smartphone concept into motion.

Why iPhones Lead the Market

If today’s human population was to be divided into two, it would be Android and iPhone users. But the truth is, both iPhones and Android phones have good and bad points. Choosing which side all comes down to the customer’s personal preference and values. Listed below are some of the reasons why many prefer iPhone over Android phones.

  1. IPhone leads the market when it comes to innovative features and design. The phone has an edge-to-edge display which is uncommon for most other models.
  2. Apple’s most recent operating system, the iOS 12, is installed by default on the latest iPhones and can be updated on older ones, which is a prerequisite for most applications like Instagram and YouTube.
  3. IPhones have better battery life.
  4. The option that allows iPhones to work as Wi-Fi hotspots through cellular networksis excellent when travelling in places where there’s no available internet. Because an iPhone can use its own bandwidth so it doesn’t cost anything, the customer saves from buying data packs.
  5. Apple offers iPhone users an excellent warranty and an easy insurance claim process.

How to Save Money on an iPhone

IPhones come in a higher price range than their competitors, with the latest entry-level model advertised at $699. But owning the best and latest technology of iPhone won’t have to drain anyone’s savings with “rent-to-own” options.

Electro Finance commits to provide the latest and most convenient lease-to-own solutions for electronics and appliances to its customers. That means individuals who can’t afford to pay upfront will still be able to own the latest innovations from the best labels, such as an iPhone.

Rent to own iphones options come with flexible terms that allow the lessee to pay off that item whenever it suits his needs best—whether it’s in one month, six months, or five years later. He gets to use the rented iPhone as soon as possible for a relatively low weekly or monthly payment and no credit check. If the lessee cannot proceed with the agreed setup, he can return the iPhone without penalty or damage to his credit score. If he fulfills the agreement by affording the rest of the payments, he will own the item when the term ends.

With Electro Finance’s rent-to-own iPhone service, customers get a more practical option to buy new and upgrade their electronics without an upfront, one-time payment of full retail cost.


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