Is an online master’s degree recognized the same as an on-campus degree in the UK?

Oftentimes, students choose online study programs over the face-to-face on-campus programs due to their convenience.

There is a conception that online master’s degree programs differ and vary in their recognition and quality; therefore, students get worried if it would affect their employment opportunities in any way.

In fact, acquiring a master’s degree significantly boosts your CV and makes your resume stand out. Due to time restraints and many other issues, students are often caught up and unable to make a decision if they should opt for online programs, Says Mr. Jonathan Clark the academic counsellor at dissertation writing services UK.

The answer is yes, but here are some things that have to be kept in check.

Online Master’s Program gives you an opportunity to upscale your qualification and thus get better employment opportunities. You get a chance to work full-time and study at the same time. Alternatively, even if there are personal family commitments, you do not have to miss your studies and can study alone.

This online master’s degree is equivalent to a traditional master’s program, only so that the former can be done from the comfort and luxury of your home. It consists of recorded video lectures and online resources along with assignments to bring the best out of you.

This way, the student gets to do their learning at their own pace, such as doing their assignments between their work shifts or after their duty timings. In a way, there are no compulsions are restrictions and students get to study in a relaxed manner.

There are many online master’s programs that are being offered. Some of them are

Online Degrees and Its Popularity

As the plus points and advantages of online degree programs come to be known by everyone, it is gaining more popularity and gaining recognition at a fast speed.

According to Mr. Peter Thomason, a senior tutor from the european business review.With a high demand for online degree programs and students taking up almost all seats of the online program, it is rapidly gaining popularity and becoming hard to avoid by employers and companies.

Companies have also started to hire students who acquire their degrees online, and they have started to accept things as the trend gains significance among the masses.

The syllabus of an online degree program is similar to that of a face-face on-campus student;the only difference is that online programs are very much flexible compared to on-campus programs.

Employers and Online Degree Programs

The only key fact that a student should bear in mind is to get their online degrees from a credible and accredited institution. Employers are going to give more regard to an online program completed with an institution, which is built very much similar to the pattern of a traditional institute.

Thus, such a degree is regarded and given due respect by employers and hiring faculties. Unlike earlier times, when an online degree was looked down upon and not given due respect, the times and mind-sets have drastically changed for the good.

Employers are willing to welcome people from different educational backgrounds and willing to give them an opportunity.

In addition, students opting for online-based programs are getting a chance from employers based on the employer’s previous experiences with such students or based on the fact that they themselves have had a first-hand experience of online learning.

Requirements for an Online Degree Program

The entry requirements are somewhat similar for on-campus and distance learners. Although an open, university might only ask a student if they have earned a bachelor’s degree in any field. An on-campus institute would prefer students with a particular educational background in order to take a specific course at the university.

Online Degree Program and Tuition Fee

The tuition fee of an online degree program and a traditional campus is somewhat the same. It is noticed that the costs incurred in an online degree program are relatively less than an on-campus course, with the convenience of not having to travel to the university.

Online programs can be taken from anywhere, and you are not restricted to living in a particular place in order to be able to commute to your institution.

How does it Work?

The length and the procedure of an online degree program vary according to the field you choose and the institution you are enrolled with. More or less likely, all online degree programs follow the same pattern.

The length of a degree program in a traditional university is around 2 years. However, the case is different in an open university. Some programs even give you the flexibility to complete your program in a span of 10 years.

Discussion with fellow students takes place in online forums where you get to ask questions and resolve your queries.

Also, there is electronic access to the university library available to students so that they get an opportunity to read and gain information from a wide collection.

Online Degree and Assessment

Keeping aside the flexibility and convenience, online degree programs are not a piece of cake and give students a fair share of pressure and deadlines. Assignments are assigned with due dates, which are then assessed by the tutors and given feedback on. Explains Professor Baker from postal jobs Houston TX.

Online Degree Programs and Benefits

Acquiring an online master’s degree makes you independent and multitask as you juggle between your family commitments, job and studies. This form of study makes it easier to study as a student gets to learn according to his own pace.

You do not have to attend lectures and seminars, thus not making you bound by any means. Lastly, to acquire this degree, you do not have to relocate to expensive cities, and you can easily manage from your current location.

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