Is Cox building a path for Gamers?

Internet has shaped our lives or it would not be wrong if I say Internet has literally changed our lifestyle, the way we dress, the way we get information, all has changed. E-Sports is also one of the things that has evolved around the years, I can still recall playing video games were nothing but a luxury, I mean still it is, but somehow easily accessible.

According to a survey, mostly gamers face internet connectivity issues, be it lag or disconnection, how about I say, Cox Internet has got us covered, because Cox Communications brings us the most reliable and trustworthy internet service in US. Their high-speed performance has some remarkable claims of providing better internet speed that 5g home internet providers.

Cox Communications has always been a reliable service provider who is user friendly, they have maintained their reputation in the market by their extremely well 24/7 customer support system. How about we have a detailed look on how cox aiming to build a path for Gamers? Before that, we should see what Cox provides us in their package. Let’s start.

Cox comes with 5 different internet plans to provide value and choice for consumer depending on the usage.

  1. Cox Go Fast
  2. Cox Go Faster
  3. Cox Go Even Faster
  4. Cox Go Super-Fast
  5. Cox Go Beyond Fast
  • Cox Go Fast

Cox Go fast is their basic plan where consumer gets up to 100 Mbps Maximum download speed and up to 5 Mbps upload speed, which is good for a normal user, browsing, downloading some files won’t be a problem at all because you get 1.25 TB monthly data in just 49.99$.

  • Cox Go Faster

Cox Go Faster is the second plan offered by them where the user gets up to 250 Mbps maximum download speed and up to 10 Mbps upload speed, gaming will be much smoother in this package with no lags, Imagine, gaming without lag. All you get in just 69.99$.

  • Cox Go Even Faster

At the standard price of 89.99$, Cox arrives with their most popular package that has gained major attention of the gamers because of the insane 500 Mbps download speed, so no need to worry if you are a heavy user or if you’re streaming your favorite game online.

  • Cox Go Super-Fast

Starting with the price of 109.99$, Cox offers their 2nd most premium package with almost every luxury for high end users, up to 1000 Mbps download speed, and trust me if you are a gamer who loves Ultra HDR graphics, then this package is nothing but a dream come true thing for you or if you have to upload videos, you should not be worried at all because Cox – Go Super-Fast gives you ultimate 35 Mbps upload speed, which is INSANE and with the same perks as other and NO Cancellation Fees.

  • Cox Go Beyond Fast

Starting with the price of 149.99$, Cox is offering their users up to 2000 Mbps download speed where nothing seems impossible as they already have terrific speed. Play games in 8K because this deal is nothing but a monster for you. This package includes ultimate madness of speed.

Now why Cox Internet better in gaming than others.


Cox has always promised not to compromise on speed and has delivered the maximum speed in the town whereas other providers claims fastest but somehow couldn’t manage speed due to multiple users being connected.


Cox Communications has been a straightforward broadband in price factor because they have no hidden charges. Would not be wrong if I say they charge you what you ask for.

Customer Support

Unlike others, Cox is always there for their users. Their customer support is 24/7 active and provide every possible facility to consumers so that they don’t have to face difficulties.

Fiber – Strong Fiber Internet

As we all know, for better speed fiber net is recommended, Cox offers one of their best and premium internet services in US in Fiber connection and due to reliable fiber connection, gamers can get good speed with no lags.

30 days money back guaranteed

To gain more and more trust of the users, Cox has brilliant 30 days money back guaranteed, gamers doesn’t have to worry about their hard-earned money, your amount will be safe with Cox.

Best Gaming Routers

For better gaming, gamer needs better and latest equipment and Cox offers their latest technology Wi-Fi routers with best connectivity so that the user doesn’t have to go through difficulties in connecting and can have best and smooth gaming experience.

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