Is PHP Dead, Or You Still Need To Search for An Experienced PHP Developer

Experienced PHP Developer

There is a surging demand for PHP developers. It’s not surprising; after all, PHP has a robust potential and is beyond-essential in web-app development. With the demand for PHP, there is a corresponding demand by companies to hire PHP developers, and getting an experienced developer should be easy, right? No! If you go online and search for ‘how to hire PHP developers,’ you will get bombarded with numerous suggestions until it becomes a nightmare. This piece will tell you exactly what to look out for when hiring a PHP developer. 

What are the Features of a Professional PHP Developer?

– In-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: A developer must understand beyond-basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While most developers will claim they can write intricate lines of code within each niche, you must also set up a parameter to test their claims. 

– A thorough understanding of Web Development, GIT, and web services. 

– Good communication skills: Your PHP developer should be able to effectively listen to you to understand the depth of your needs and communicate the process and progress of the project as it flows. 

– Must be able to work quickly and effectively to save you time and keep the project within budget. 

The Factors to Consider Before Hiring a PHP Developer

Understand the Project Scope and Requirement

We have often seen companies hire developers without a clear-cut vision of the project they want the developer to complete. Without understanding your requirements, you and your PHP developer will become frustrated because you will keep changing direction mid-way through the budget. 

Below are questions you must ask while defining your task:

  1. What frontend attributes do you want to achieve?
  2. Do you need a developer that can work well with WordPress or other open-source frameworks like Joomla?
  3. Must the developer be a core PHP developer? 
  4. Determine the exact goals of the project. Be specific. 
  5. Do you understand anything about PHP? If you do, it will be much easier to communicate your needs to a PHP developer. But if you do not understand the basics of PHP programming, you may need to hire a developer with solid communication skills.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a PHP Developer


Choose a developer with enough experience working within your industry. A developer who understands your domain is also an added advantage. In here, the number of years a developer has worked matters, but more importantly, is the developer experienced enough within your industry vertical? Also, a PHP Developer that has worked in many companies with different industries will have the expertise to handle a large project. You can confirm the efficiency and delivery levels of the developer or the program developing firm from their previous clients. 

Technical Proficiency

A PHP developer must have the technical proficiency to work with an extensive array of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, XML. While core knowledge on PHP is excellent, a multi-faceted developer will be able to create a robust and diverse web program that will have excellent frontend abilities. 

Security Patches and Checks

A great developer should be able to identify possible security breaches within a framework or a program and address them before the breach even occurs. Your in-house team must understand how to evaluate reaction to security issues to gauge the developer’s experience level and measure the options created to address any issues. 


A developer must be able to define things in simple terms. You cannot work with a developer that cannot sit, listen to your needs and requirements, and follow the direction of your vision. Of course, it may be difficult to find a developer with excellent communication skill—most developers spend a lot of time behind their screens than with actual humans; however, you must find one that listens and communicates progress well enough. 


Always put your budget into a factor when hiring a developer. Your budget should contain the maximum amount you can pay the developer and how far you are willing to fund the project. A developer must thoroughly understand that time and money are essential elements within a project and must be willing to work within the time-frame and the budget. 

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Hiring the best PHP Developer for your project is heavily dependent on the steps you take in the hiring process. If your in-house team isn’t experienced enough to make the decisions and steps detailed above, you can always hire a reputable firm for your PHP developer hire needs. 

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