Is Purchasing the Polk Audio Buckle Actually Worth It?

Polk Audio is well-known for its sound equipment and speakers, but did you know that they also produce headphones? At least they used to, anyway. Sadly, Buckle headphones—Polk Audio’s former flagship over-ear headphones—are no longer produced, despite a protracted search. When the stylish Buckle was introduced in 2013, its goal was to become the next big thing in headphones. And the Buckle appeared to have everything going for it—a distinctive design, robust components, and respectable audio quality.

Overview of Polk Audio Buckles

Date of Release and Cost

Many of the details around the Buckle’s release are difficult to locate. Based on the information we could find, September 20, 2013 appears to have been the release date. Polk themselves no longer makes any effort to promote the Buckle’s existence. We believe the original MSRP, which had to be removed from reviews at the time, was approximately $200.

Various Models

Polk appears to have only produced one version of the Polk Audio Buckle Headphones. However, there are two distinct hues. While the other is black with silver accents, the first has brown leather with white accent pieces.


As a brand, Polk frequently emphasizes the appearance and design of its goods. The Buckle is not an exception. Polk Audio Buckle headphones’ elegant and stylish appearance was its main selling point. Many over-ear headphones did not appeal to those who wished to use headphones while still looking sophisticated when they were first released.

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Technical details

Size: 3.3 x 7.2 x 6.9 in.

Weight: 28.8 ounces

Design: Over-Ear

Sound output: Stereo

Connectivity: Wired

Isolation of Noise: Yes

Cable length: 48-inch

Changeable Cord: Indeed

Motors: 40 mm dynamic motors

Extras: cloth storage pouch and adapter in the box

Guaranteed: a year

The Uniqueness of Polk Audio Buckles


Polk Audio Buckle headphones place a lot of emphasis on design. And in this aspect, they do not let you down. As an aside, the majority of the structure is sturdy and composed of metal, while the plastic earcups are a disappointment. We were forced to settle for the secondary colorway of black and silver since we were unable to get a pair of brown and white buckles. While the black and silver Buckle is by no means an ugly headphone, the brown and white color scheme seems like it would stand out more and convey the vintage aesthetic that Polk was striving for.


Thus, while the Polk Audio Buckle seems nice, does it sound good? Although the headphones sound decent, the Buckle is not a studio-quality product. However, many people do not require headphones of the kind found in a recording studio. Don’t get us wrong; the Buckle has excellent sound quality. Dynamic Balance, a Polk-exclusive tuning method, controls the internal resonances of the drivers and housing to maintain a natural and accurate recording of your music.

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