Is there a demand for illustration courses in London?

The field of contemporary illustration is continuously becoming more fluid, interdisciplinary and autonomous.

With the scope of illustration expanding rapidly, the rules of an illustrator in London has opened up new possibilities for the practitioner, as well as the discipline as a whole!

Undergraduate courses in illustration offered in London are a perfect getaway for aspirants who want to develop an independent and distinctive illustration creative practice, as it will allow you to engage with contemporary contexts, audiences, approaches and debates based on the day to day lifestyle.

In this blog post, we have tried to gather quality information to back you up with all the reasons why you should choose the BA honours illustration course to step forward in the design community by indulging in the illustrators’ traditional collaborations.

Why should you study illustration in London?

London is a hub of creative publishers and designers and is the best place to acquire encouragement toward self-directed alliances such as the formation of independent publishing, collective design, academic research and gallery based ventures.

According to the latest study, almost 16% of illustration graduates choose to be an artist as their employment mode, whereas 12% of the rest prefer to work as graphic designers to create futuristic art.

Moreover, there’s a good percentage of students [8.4] who choose to pursue further study after acquiring a bachelor’s degree in illustration from London, with a small percentage [5.7] choosing to study while working to support their education.

When in London, graduates are less likely to run out of choices for a lucrative career path, as this city can offer you a variety of job roles to kick start your professional journey, such as:

  • Retail catering and food designing
  • Secretarial and numerical clerks
  • Arts design and media
  • Marketing, PR and sales

These are just a few of the graduate destinations for illustration graduates.

You can also choose to apply for a postgraduate degree in the illustration to further your academic career, specialising in your area of interest at the same time.

Completing an undergraduate course in illustration from London will help you demonstrate your potential of investing in personal growth, allowing you to expand a network of like-minded people from within the industry.

Some of the specialisations that you can choose to build your skills on include marketing, advertising, animation, graphic designing, and communication or design management.

What kind of skills can you obtain by undergoing an undergraduate degree in illustration from London?

A bachelor’s degree in illustration enables you to develop a mix of technical and subject-specific skills that can be used across a diverse array of job profiles.

Some of the most common skills that you can demonstrate as an illustration graduate include:

  • Creativity [learning to be flexible with new ideas while figuring out your style];
  • Work independently [building your portfolio and effectively producing your work];
  • Designing [digital media, sketching and moving image];
  • I do skills [handling trending creative software];
  • Entrepreneurial skills [Bing imaginative, creative and commercial];
  • Interpersonal skills [collaborate with co-workers to meet clients need];
  • Effective networking [leveraging social media tools to create innovative products and promoting your brand];
  • Business management [dealing with copyrights and taxes].

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