Is there a way to cut a tree down without a saw?

When it comes to cutting large trees, the first thing that always comes to mind is a saw. But have you ever wondered if large trees can be cut down with something other than a saw? If you have ever wondered that then continue reading to discover whether or not it’s possible to cut down a tree without using a saw.

Is it possible to cut down a tree without a saw?

The answer is yes. You can also use an axe to cut down trees.

How can you cut down a tree using an axe?

Before you begin cutting down the tree you have to prepare the area which involves choosing the tree you want to cut down and clearing the area around the tree.

The basis for choosing a tree is based on whether the size meets your needs, it has a straight trunk, and if it’s not leaning it’s preferable so as to avoid a dangerous fell.

Once you have decided on the tree you want to cut down, you’ll have to clear the area surrounding the tree you’ll be working on. If you have additional tools like a pulaski axe or a cutting mattock, they can be used to clear rocks and roots that can block your way. Clear the areas above your head and shoulders extending it to the length of the arm and axe so that nothing will obstruct your swing (i.e., cutting all branches that could get cut in your swing). Finally, choose the direction where your tree will fall.

Now you have done all the preparations, you are now ready to cut down the tree. Cutting the tree with an axe has two main parts and it’s made of the front cut and the back cut. It’s done by first creating the front cut and then making the back cut, doing both will make the tree fall if it’s done correctly. The idea behind cutting a tree with an axe is creating a hinge support that’ll not be able to carry the weight of the tree making it fall in the desired direction.

The front cut is done by cutting the side of the tree facing the direction you want the tree to fall at 45° (creating the notch). The bottom cut should be horizontal and the top cut is at an angle. Alternating between those two swing patterns will produces the cut. Ensure that you don’t cut back further than the centre of the tree. The back cut is used to weaken the tree so that it naturally falls on its own.

If you carefully follow the steps outlined above, you should be able to cut down a tree with an axe. Note, an axe is advised to be used when cutting down small trees or a sapling.


Using this approach takes a lot of time and it’s stressful. Cutting down a tree like this shouldn’t be done alone especially when it’s being carried out for the first time.  You can hire the services of a tree cutting omaha expert to keep an out for you and guide you properly. For Sydney residents, they can easily hire experts who deal with tree removal in Sydney.


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