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The role of Accounting Assistants in business is changing rapidly. The ever-changing technologies have brought tremendous changes in the way an accounting assistant performs the work from traditional bookkeeping to maintaining accounting digitally. A major effect technology has on the accounting assistant is the ability to work virtually anywhere. Accounts Assistant training gives a path to the seeker to deal with Global customer and talent pools that were previously out of reach and can now be accessed by smaller firms. What changed in the role of an Accounting Assistant? Increased demand for business planning services requires an accountant to change his role to that of a business advisor. There is a dynamic shift toward accounting software programs and it’s becoming more automated. Accounts Assistant practical training is suitable for:

  • Accounting assistants
  • Administrative assistants.
  • Junior accountants.
  • Accounting trainees.
  • Accounts clerks, and administrative secretaries working with accounts and support staff.

No prior accounting experience is required. The online Accounting Training Course will introduce you to the skills relating to understanding key areas within accounting, and the confidence to start a career in this field focusing on core areas in accounting.

  • This Accounts Assistant Practical Training will provide a great insight into your role in working closely with senior accountants with the use of practical examples throughout the course.
  • Whether you are familiar with accounting principles already, you want to get started working with accountants in the accounting and payroll field, looking for more training, or are just interested in this field of study, this account assistant training will cover a range of modules and provide multiple examples for assessment.
  • The Accounts Assistant Training is divided into 7 carefully selected modules making it easy to follow along in your own time and at your own pace. You’ll have 24/7 access to the online course materials, assessment tests, online exams, introductory video tutorials, study resources, and our amazing student support services.


When have you completed your accounts assistant practical training Now you can apply to remarkable organizations. The organization will benefit from the increasing awareness of and practical skills applicable to financial accounting and reporting; delegates will develop and be able to effectively apply business acumen and improve their decision-making skills. Benefits specifically include:

  • Increased awareness of business finance principles and practices.
  • Effective collaboration and communication with finance and commercial functions.
  • Making the closure of monthly and year-end accounts faster thereby saving costs for the organization.
  • Effective use of the latest technologies and thereby processing transactions smoothly Personal Benefits.


Participants will benefit from this Accounts Assistant Training program which has been designed to provide them with the essential theory of accounting and financial reporting. The main focus will be on building the practical skills to apply these in their organizations to improve operational effectiveness and decision-making. It will greatly enhance their prospects for career progression by:

  • Communicating and connecting more effectively with finance and commercial colleagues
  • A better understanding of business and account cycle and thereby processing transactions smoothly
  • Making the closure of monthly and year-end accounts faster
  • Prepare and present the financial statements with ease
  • Increased use of the latest technologies thereby reducing cost and time for the organization.

This Accounts Assistant Practical Training provides good working knowledge and practical experience on the different bookkeeping methodologies and practices essential to effectively record and store financial information daily. The course is designed to give you a thorough experience of Bookkeeping, Tax Returns, and Payroll accounting principles and you will be coached by our CPD Certified Accountancy professionals. Our unique approach of blending important theoretical concepts and practical skills gives you an enormous competitive advantage in your quest to get a job placement.

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