Know the upcoming best things in men’s fashion that will set you apart

The first thing about male fashion in this new year has to be Satin. It isn’t for drapes only. Satin’s ultra-close and compact weave generates that liquid, glossy surface you know it best for.

  • Some designers have given a new lease of life to this fabric through lemon-hued borders and macs.
  • There are regal coats, frock coats, harem pants and sleek shirts from leading brands that are creating waves.
  • The Y-cropped jackets are also very popular. NY-based brands are making satin shirts that are forming a new trend.
  • However, this trend culminated to another level in European markets, where tailored satin overcoats and suits felt both elegant and louche.
  • The trend at its peak and futuristic in the later months. You also have chic and wearable satin trousers and shirts.
  • Another trend is to wear your boxers as shorts. It’s going to define spring fashion. It’s intimate, floaty and aesthetic.
  • The silky smooth and simple boxer shorts can be your best companion.
  • This can be a weekend-only and high-summer trend.
  • The extra-orthopedic sandals can also be a great trend. You can have chunky sandals with heavily-strapped and soled styles.
  • There are makeshift sandals and loafers as well. You can wear them with socks and put on that folksy and new look.
  • The 90s style cargo trousers are making a comeback. Part of a broader utilitarian trend, you have men’s cargo pants defining men’s fashion.

Body bags and appeal

The new trends coming up are the red carpet, street style, or women’s fashion scores. There are other nostalgias that you had thought will never return.

  • The cross-body bags are a real deal. If you’re man and want to carry your stuff in a bag, and not let them hang around in your trouser pockets, this is your trend.
  • You wear fanny packs across the torso. There are legit and stunning cross-body bags that you war high up on your waist.
  • You don’t need to flop them over your hip bone. It is some chic fashion.
  • Monochromatic suits and not the all-black suit are what you should look out for.
  • You have many more colors than what your naked eye can see.
  • Wearing a suit that comprises a single shade is a smart and sleek way of spicing up your classic silhouette.
  • Sheer tops are here as you can show off your tattoos and abs, or that gnarly and tantalizing chest hair, or anything you want to show under a sheer top.
  • You can pair it with a relaxed and comfortable suit for a trilling night out, or wear a loose shirt in summers.
  • Apart from offering key style points, sheer tops also provide serious ventilation.

For winter or fall

With seasons passing by, designers are playing their failsafe and best cards. The runaways are seeing leather lashings, faux-fur, and extreme padding and oversized shoulders.

  • Sportswear and streetwear joined hands to form a new statement. Designers have reincarnated office-wear in the form f parka/suit ensembles for a preppy family affair.
  • You also have a plethora of prints, from the subtly poetic to the wild defining your apparel.
  • The skin-baring suit is in. Those roll-neck sweaters and regular shirts are passé. You only need bare skin as your accessory. Wear it with an unbuttoned jacket.
  • Acid trip is another trend, where designers are setting the tone and during with tie-dye fashion. The paint box and check explosions are worthy examples.
  • The lure of alpine is still here. Nylon is still there and you have some of the best mountain wear that will rule the roost. Alpinist twists and neon motifs will set the trends.
  • Whatever the year may be, nobody can ignore the Men in Black. With ultra-skinny and sleek ties, white shirts, and meticulously tailored and exquisite suits, you have both slim-fit and baggy office garments hijacking the menswear segment.
  • Illustrated and detailed knitwear will make waves. Logo prints on T-shirts have already exploded on the big stage.
  • This year, they are returning with a quasi-artistic spirit, even in woolen pieces.

Let the trends show

Wear a voguish Cuban collar shirt to feel the lively summer breeze. With short sleeves and distinctive collars, they’re an easy way of jazzing up your outfit and making a real statement.

  • You can wear them with bold prints, or keep the clothes in solid colors. These shirts look uber cool in bright hues like green, blue or yellow.
  • Complete the look with blue aviator sunglasses, and you can don the summer sun like a boss.
  • Flares are bringing the 70s style. The upper leg is thin and it exaggerates the ankle.
  • These trousers can surely make an impact wherever you go.
  • You pair the pants with a sleek turtleneck and shirt, emphasizing the bell bottom. You can also keep the flairs flowing with an extra-large T-shirt or hoodie to get a more casual feel.
  • Regardless of how you style these clothes, you can have the look of stylish and super long pins.
  • There are shorts you wear over your knees. You can achieve that coveted casual feel with these shorts. They are great for covering your body and staying cool in the sweltering summer heat.
  • You can use bold patterns to rock the bottoms or keep them radiant with bright colors.
  • These statement clothes will always help you. Complete the look with fresh kicks and open shirts.

Best moves in menswear

The cure for your exhaustion from a long walk or day out is easier than you think. You have a slightly higher zipper and rise down the sides to make your choicest boots look and feel new.

  • When you puff up your puffers, they can create an astounding look. If you want to sell or promote your own puffer chain in Instagram, get more followers from
  • Bone-chilling temperatures are not an excuse to get that middling and messy fit.

When you have the seriously warm, wavy and cozy puffers, you don’t need to tread elsewhere. Free collars will also make headlines this year.





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