Landlord Accreditation for landlords in the UK

The British Landlord Association which is also known as the BLA there Accreditation is a scheme voluntary for members.

They introduced the scheme introduced for members on the 1st of October 2020 to enhance standards.

The accreditation is created and open to private landlords & letting agents, however only members can apply for the accreditation. Membership with the association is free so anyone can join.

The accreditation makes members conscious of their legal obligation and responsibilities when letting property.

The BLA expect members to demonstrate skills within the legal framework to a good standard when dealing with letting property.

What is the benefit of Accreditation?

  • Recognition by others that the accredited landlord can run their business to an acceptable standard.
  • The capacity to deal with problems with fast efficient resolution.
  • Consent to use logo for emails & stationery.
  • An accreditation certificate that members can display.

The benefit of Accredited for tenants?

Tenants may have peace of mind if they have an accredited landlord. The professional development and online learning help members of the BLA to be aware of new laws and better procedures.

What are the benefits of the online courses?

  • Discount on products & services.
  • knowledge of the latest crucial issues of property letting and landlord legislation
  • Online Guides covering aspects of the letting sector.
  • Enhanced confidence in property letting practices.

How long is the Course?

The BLA accreditation is obtained by completing the foundation course and one other course, including free courses. Both courses generally take between 2 to 3 hours.

How long does Accreditation last?

The BLA Accreditation lasts for 12 months, and this is due new legislation that effects the letting sector.


Re-accreditation is attained by completing the foundation course. When a member is accredited, they will not be required to take an additional course with the foundation course for BLA re-accreditation.

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