Laptop Requirement For Live Streaming

Over the decade the technology industry has not only faced tremendous growth but also disparate popularity. So much so that today I imagine people like Shakespeare and Darwin fussing in their tombs for not having the chance of being born in this era. Every direction that my gaze falters to I see people, old and young, peering over a gadget or another. A year back I gloated it.

For me it was like a shortcut, a medium refraining the humans from working hard, as everything was just a click away. But the sudden change of events, with the onset of the Corona Virus and the global lockdown, not only changed the functioning system of the entire world but also altered my personal belief system. Today as each and every individual abstain themselves from stepping out of their homes the only respite they get from the thought of having their normal routine going is the availability and presence of various technological devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

With work from home at its peak, I see, that these devices could also be used for meaningful purposes along with leisure activities. Online classes, internships, meetings, examinations, etc., all are conducted because of the reasons stated above and this is how I started to perceive them as a boon, as without them we all could possibly have been unemployed or uneducated!

There are a variety of devices available in the market from the smallest mobile phones to the largest desktop computers, each having its own pros and cons. The variety that I like the most is laptops. Laptops, according to me, are convenient to use, are portable, have easy power options, a desirable screen size to reduce eye pressure, are versatile, etc. So, in this digital era there are numerous features that have come up, many of which people are not even aware of like, stories, status, posting, commenting, etc. Among these, there is also something called Live Streaming.

So, what exactly is live streaming? For those who do not know, Live streaming refers to online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time. It is often referred to simply as streaming, but this abbreviated term is ambiguous because “streaming” may refer to any media delivered and played back simultaneously without requiring a completely downloaded file.

Live streaming is a relatively new concept but it has its own benefits like, it is less crowded ( as of now because it is new), reaches highly targeted niches of the society, its cheap, takes less time to produce, have flexible timing, has real-time engagement, etc. It can be used for entertainment needs like concerts and theatre as well as for official needs like a meeting or authority addresses.

I believe that these streamings should be conducted more often with increased seriousness and a wider field of performance. People or rather individuals who are into live streaming require a device to, well, be into it. The best device for live streaming, according to me, again, are laptops. The perks of laptops when combined with the mechanism of live streaming give outcomes that are so vibrant that anyone can feel like being addicted to it.

Today, laptops even have special features to suit a person’s laptop requirement for live streaming. These may include 16GB RAM, up to 8 hours battery life, Intel Core i17 CPU, 4K display, and less than 6 pounds in weight, to name a few. Few brands like Asus, Apple MAC Book, Dell, etc., are also considered to be the best brand for purchasing laptops for live streaming needs.

Although this kind of streaming is also supported by other devices, the prime catch will be to go for laptops. While some people may argue that even tablets and iPad can be used for the same purpose, I say that the kind of storage and Office facilities that laptops provide are undefeatable. Thus, a laptop requirement for live streaming is justified and should be an obvious part of our modern lifestyle.

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