Law Guide: How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

Have you been injured in an accident? Are you struggling to recover physically and financially? Then, you could benefit from working with a personal injury lawyer.

When innocent victims are harmed, attorneys can help them file personal injury lawsuits. However, the process can be complex, which is why it’s best to work with an experienced law firm. So let’s take a look at how a personal injury attorney can help you.

Explaining Your Legal Options

You could start looking for an attorney with a simple Google search, like “personal injury lawyer near me,” or you could ask the people you know for recommendations. When you find a law firm you’re interested in, you’ll want to schedule a consultation.

Upon meeting the personal injury attorney, they’ll evaluate your claim and determine your best options based on your unique situation. If you choose to pursue a claim, they can help you with the paperwork and filing.

The best personal injury attorney will ensure you fully understand your legal rights and make sure nothing happens to jeopardize your claim.

Investigating Your Claim

How smooth the investigation process goes will be based on the complexity of your claim. For example, some car accident claims are cut and dry in terms of fault. However, many medical malpractice claims require months of investigations, document collection, and analysis.

Your attorney will collect all relevant evidence—like photographs, video surveillance, medical records, and witness testimonies—to investigate your case. Then, they will use that information to start building your claim.

Once your lawyer understands what happened, they can start building your claim based on negligence.

Proving Your Case With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Once your lawyer has a clearcut picture of what you went through, they can use their knowledge of the law to determine how the opposing party was negligent and caused your physical injuries, monetary losses, and emotional suffering.

In legal terms, there are four elements to negligence. Those elements include duty of care, breach of duty, injuries, and losses. When all four elements are proven, your attorney can move to determine what full and fair compensation should look like for your case.

Valuing Your Losses

Compensation for civil claims is often separated into two categories: economic and non-economic. Economic losses include medical bills, lost wages, and property damage costs. Non-economic damages are things like pain and suffering.

To properly value your case, your lawyer will use their investigation, along with help from expert witnesses and knowledge of similar cases, to determine what the value of your claim should be.

With help from a law firm and the best personal injury lawyer, you’ll be on your way to getting your life back in order faster than you realize.

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