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Learn How to Make Money from YouTube Shorts

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YouTube is a platform that has allowed content creators to distribute their content with viewers all over the world for a long time today. In the past, the platform has seen new features added to the platform that permit content creators to earn money from their content.

The YouTube algorithm plays a significant influence in pushing channels towards the top of the list, resulting in higher income. Two crucial metrics that allow content creators to earn more money from creating their content are YouTube subscribers and YouTube viewers. A large number of viewers or subscribers in one of these areas will result in more growth for YouTube channels.

Earn money with YouTube

Content creators can earn money on YouTube in a variety of ways:

Views and Subscribers

YouTube subscribers and YouTube viewers play an essential part in generating revenue for content creators. The higher the number of actual YouTube subscribers your channel has, the more likely you will increase your visibility. Channels that have a greater amount of subscribers or views generally earn more through ad revenue.


Influencers also gain from the benefits of the YouTube platform. They can be YouTube exclusive influencers or multi-platform influencers with accounts on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms; ads revenues can also help. Additionally, influencers can also take advantage of merchandise sales and promotions for products to increase their earnings.


One method that channel subscribers can contribute financially to content creators is the purchase of products. This could be anything from mugs to sweatshirts, jewelry to footwear. The products available are shown on the right-hand side of a video on the channel on the mobile application. Users can select any item they like and be directed to the item’s webpage.


YouTube content creators can offer their subscribers the chance to become official members on their channels. Membership is available for an affordable cost. In exchange, it offers subscribers benefits in the form of badges of loyalty, stickers, early access to brand new videos, and much more.

YouTube Premium

Users with subscribing to a YouTube Premium subscription can gain access to exclusive content. Content creators who participate on the Premium platform can offer unique content for their subscribers and earn money while earning.

The typical proportion of earnings between YouTube and content creators in relation to revenue from ads is 45/55. It means YouTube receives 45percent of the income while the content creators get 55percent earnings.

What is YouTube Shorts?

In reaction to hugely loved short format videos posted by TikTok and Reels on Instagram and Reels, YouTube came up with YouTube Shorts. They are short-form videos that are shorter than 60 seconds in total. They should be taken vertically and identified with the hashtag #Shorts. The #Shorts hashtag must be included within the description of the video or the video’s caption.

YouTube Shorts can be used to give content creators a huge amount of views and real YouTube subscribers. You can also buy YouTube subscribers that are authentic.

It’s important to know that, at this moment, YouTube Shorts cannot be made monetizable. This doesn’t mean YouTube will not change its policies toward monetizing shorts later in the near future. YouTube has a history of changing and revising its policies on the content uploaded to the platform from time to time.

Furthermore, YouTube is already looking at ways to earn money through its #Shorts service. However, there isn’t any comprehensive product on the market. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t earn money from YouTube Shorts. In essence, even though you cannot directly earn money through YouTube Shorts, it’s still an avenue to generate more income.

Things You Need to Be Educated About YouTube Shorts

The most significant advantage for YouTube Shorts is that it lets content creators get more attention to their YouTube channel and other videos. Two aspects important here are:

  • The YouTube algorithm doesn’t distinguish whether the Short uploaded is the monetized content as well. In other words, when you post a Short made from non-monetized content and the algorithm will not distinguish between the two. This makes it possible for those who are not monetized content creators to get more exposure through the platform.
  • YouTube Shorts aren’t a factor in the organic growth of a channel. The content shown to viewers is based on the viewers’ interests. The algorithm determines if a particular video is attractive to the user and then showcases the Short in that specific context.

In the same way, if you post an excessive amount of YouTube Shorts and videos, the algorithm will not count it against you. Machine learning is the basis for the algorithm is designed to take into account the different types of content available on the channel.

This lets content creators reuse longer-length videos into short content. Content creators can also mix clips from video, as long as the video is not more than sixty seconds. Recent updates permit content creators to utilize music from YouTube’s music library into their videos in short form.

This way, even though content creators aren’t able to earn money directly through their YouTube Shorts but it’s an avenue to earn higher revenue.

Google Analytics 

There is a way that YouTube Short creators to analyze metrics gathered via their video. It’s important to keep in mind that views of YouTube Shorts do not count towards those 4000 hours of Watch Time necessary for applying to the YouTube Partner Program.

Content creators looking to earn money from YouTube and want to earn a profit should become a part of the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube Partners Program. It gives access to improved channels and monetization tools.

But, even so, it is true that if content creators are trying to increase YouTube views and genuine YouTube subscribers and subscribers, then YouTube Shorts might be the solution.

There are three ways to access the analytics of YouTube Shorts. Two of these options apply to users on desktops, while one is for mobile users.

For Desktop Users Who Need Analytics on Videos of Individual Users

Content creators will first have to sign in to YouTube Studio to accomplish that. After that, on the left side at the bottom of the screen, look for the menu for navigation.

In the navigation menu, select the button titled “Videos. After the page has been loaded, creators simply need to move their mouse over the videos to find their analytics.

The menu options will be displayed while hovering over the video in the shape of a bar graph. Creators can switch towards the right side of the page and view the real-time statistics associated with the video.

For Desktop Users who want to see Channel Statistics

The first method is similar to using the individual statistics for each video. Simply sign into YouTube Studio and go into the menu to the left. In the navigation tab, creators will find a section titled “Analytics.”

This section gives information on Watch Time, views, total subscribers, and revenue estimates. If creators would like to see additional metrics and analytics and metrics, they must scroll down until they reach the “See More button.

This permits content creators to look at different statistics associated with their website, including the analytics of YouTube Shorts.

Mobile Viewers who Are Interested in Viewing YouTube Quick Analytics

Content creators first must install the YouTube Studio application. Once they have opened their app, they will need to click the “Discovery” button located at the upper right corner left corner of their screen.

This shows the sources and traffic of Shorts videos.

Tips to Earn Money from YouTube Through YouTube Shorts

If a user views the YouTube Short and then watches a different creator’s YouTube video, then there is no revenue.

But, if a YouTube Short is seen as an ordinary video on YouTube, then the money could be made. This means that the video was not seen on YouTube’s Shorts Video Shelf on the platform. In this instance, this Watch Time from the video is a part of the required 4000 hours for the application to the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube Partner Program.


Although YouTube shorts aren’t yet monetized, there are ways to earn money from these shorts. The most significant boost in income that a Short could earn is from more YouTube viewers and real YouTube subscribers for the channel’s creator.

While YouTube continues to test the use of its YouTube Shorts, the possibility of monetization could eventually be a reality. But, for now, YouTube Shorts can be utilized to increase the revenue of YouTube. When viewers and subscribers look at Short’s content directly, the views are eligible for monetizing content and partnerships.

At present, content creators stand to gain from YouTube Shorts because they can increase their visibility. The algorithm that promotes Shorts content does not differentiate between popular and non-popular and monetized and unmonetized content. This makes it possible for fresh content creators to get traction through the platform. This may be a change in the near future, and YouTube has already shown positive signs in this direction. At present, shorts can bring to the table more views and subscribers. 

Content creators can use Shorts videos to enhance their visibility on YouTube. This increased exposure could earn more revenue from their channel and the videos by using the established methods to earn money from YouTube.

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