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Link Building: How to Improve Results through Paid Methods?

Opportunities in the digital space keep increasing by every hour and the smart digital marketer has to grab them as and when they are available. Opportunities vary in their nature and offer different kinds of results. You can find ample opportunities in both branding and sales. You can audiences to inspire, to give a presentation, to voice concerns, to highlight your brand, to promote your brand, to explain product use cases, to get traffic to your website, to promote your hashtags, to promote your products, to announce new products, to announce new variants of a product, etc. Likewise, opportunities keep evolving and keep changing. There are temporary and permanent opportunities available on the internet. So, as a digital marketer handling Link Building for your website, you will have to use all or most of these opportunities to develop your Link Building process and get benefitted out of them.

Even if you don’t use these opportunities it will still affect your brand and business. Because your competitors will be using those opportunities to improve their market performance, content reach and position their brands better.

There are numerous opportunities out there and numerous ways and methods to use them for your Link Building. So, you have to really look out for the right ones and use them. You may choose upcoming opportunities in paid promotion and also understand the various existing tools and platforms that offer paid advertising for brands and businesses to promote their quality content and brand messages to their selective target audiences.

In this article, we will discuss how Paid Methods can be effectively used to boost the purposes and results of Link Building. Check here for more Information about PerfectLinkBuilding, buy and promote your website.

What are Paid Methods?

Paid Methods refer to all forms of promotions where you will have to pay the platform a charge for distributing your ad messages or brand content. Popular Paid Methods are Google PPC ads and Google Display Network Ads, Facebook and Instagram’s Ads, Sponsored Posts, Twitter’s Ads, Promoted Tweets, Sponsored Hashtags or Trends, LinkedIn Ads, featured listings and featured ads in business directories, paid editorials, YouTube advertisements, etc. Non-paid Methods refer to all forms of promotional activities where you don’t pay the publishing platforms for content distribution. In Non-paid Methods, you might pay the expert team or an expert to do the promotions on behalf of you but that would not amount to Paid Method as the payment is not made to the publishing or distribution platform but a working or consulting charge is paid to your in-house team or external professionals for executing the plan. Popular Non -paid Methods are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Blogging, Guest Posting, Directory Submissions, etc. Buy affordable seo packages from PerfectLinkbuilding.

Advantages of Paid Methods

There are numerous advantages of paid promotion. They are:

Getting Time-bound Results

Paid advertisements help you to reach a vast spectrum of audiences in a time bound manner. While Non-paid Methods take time to reach out to audiences, the Paid Methods offer you different tools for audience reach and provide you the capability to reach tons of audiences in a matter of time.

Better Publishing & Scheduling Tools

Most of the content platforms offer you better publishing and scheduling tools through which you will be able to to schedule your posts and publish them across one or even multiple social media and other platforms which reduces your manual effort and time, and allow you to publish your content at your convenience.

Better Audience Targeting

As the Paid Tools have audience filtering options, you will be able to pinpoint your promotional reach to very specific audiences based on various profile criteria such as demography, psychography, education, income, job titles, gender, age, region, country, city or even zip codes and make your ads and content reach the audience of your choice. These features and advantages of the Paid Tools reduce your overall promotional cost and human efforts.

Controlling & Managing Digital Content Distribution & Reach

Ad Management tools offer you features and facilities to manage all your digital assets, content and ad sets for effective reach and distribution.

Ability to Match Performance with Goals

If you have short term goals, it will be very difficult to reach your goals with Non-paid Methods because they take their natural time to reach your intended or target audience because these methods are organic in nature. In such cases, the Paid Methods come to your rescue. With Paid Methods, you will be able to achieve your targets of audience reach, website visits, store visits and sales conversions using advanced features, facilities, and forecasting and targeting tools to effectively reach out your audience on time and conveniently reach your targets and goals on time.


The real purpose of Link Building is to achieve your goals on time and effectively. The Paid modes of promotion are efficient tools to achieve this and they not only help you achieve your Link Building goals but also help you reduce human effort which is needed in the organic content publishing methods to achieve your goals.


If you have ample time and resources for creating content and managing your promotion, content publishing tools and activities such as SEO, guest blogging, content marketing, social media posting, etc., along with the Paid Methods The budget and periodicity of your promotion depend upon how big or quick you want your results.


The kind of results that you are looking to achieve determine the methods of promotions. But it is always better to use Paid Methods for their advanced features and facilities to distribute your content effectively to specific audiences in order to produce timely results for your Link Building process. To do that efficiently, you should list all the available Paid Methods and Tools with their capability, functions, scope and uniqueness. This will give you an understanding what tools and methods will be suitable for your specific business nature or brand to boost your brand reach and reputation.

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