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Work from home, the three words have replaced the historic magic words of the world and is probably something you say more than I Love You to anybody in your life. Work from home has become a tiring culture but is here to persist for a long time, as we can expect with the situation. Initially, work from home was fun when we had little work, and travelling was brought to zero, and it looked like an income coming your way without efforts like the earlier times.

It is the same thing that has now made you and us realise how much we love our workplaces and not just that but how much we love to travel and interact as well. While we have discovered many flaws of working from home over time, we have known all sorts of shortcomings in our physical and mental health. A big part of it is not exercising, breathing or even looking at nature once every day, which will lead to catastrophic results if the routine is not changed.

On the same note, we have today come up with a list of indoor plants like lucky bamboo plants online that are available at attractive prices and very easily. This will bring you closer to nature, provide you with fresher air and a healthy atmosphere. So don’t delay in buying what’s best for you and invest in your health by getting indoor plants online, and here’s the list of some that can make it to your house.

● Snake plant
Snake plant is a popular kind of home plant that takes not much space but does take a giant space in your heart and mind. It is a leafy plant but is not very flimsy, and you can keep it at a spot without worrying about it catching dust from the ground or coming in your legs while you walk around the area. Being a houseplant, its requirements are pretty minimum, and you can easily have it.

● Peace lily
Peace lily actually holds a popular position in the list of indoor plants, and it has to do with its unbeatable look, but also it’s low maintenance quality. The plant does not demand much but gives you air purification and a peaceful look that somehow we all crave for. It is the plant you want near you when you look off the screen.

● Lucky bamboo
The lucky bamboo plant comes in single and double-layered variety and is a magical thing to have around. You can grow it both in soil and water and have it in a transparent case to increase the charm of the house while it does its job. This plant always has a red ribbon around it that is a significant part of its representation that is peace and fire.

● Aloe vera
The plant aloe vera is popular amongst people who are fond of skincare, and that usually includes women and youngsters. Although for your information, men can also use aloe vera without worrying about any hazards, and it’s actually pretty good for the skin. Not being able to go to parlous it is a good alternative to switch to what do you say

● Ferns
Ferns are intact plants with little leaves all very district by look. They have branches with many many leaves and give a peaceful, classy look to the house. They don’t look like any average plant of the house and are good to have around if you think you are one to think out of the box. They are easy to care for, so don’t worry about that sector.

● Chinese evergreen
You must have seen and noticed plants that have a little white in the centre while the rest of the leaves happen to be greener from the sides. The leaves are typical in shape, just like we used to draw in our childhood and which is why they are good to have around; they look very familiar.

● Areca palm
It is the plant found commonly in many Indian households and is, in fact, an essential part of doing good home decor and keeping an impressive look. This plant is perfectly capable of being kept outside or inside regardless of the location and requires minimal care.

● Money plant
Money plant, does that ring any bell?Yes, because it is the plant you probably see most often when you turn your head around in India. This plant is called so because of its leaves, they are called to be shaped like coins which are attractive, and that is the fun fact to it.

● Spider plant
A spider plant is how you can expect the look of a spider to be. It has long leaves very lean falling to the ground. But it is equally beautiful and simply the most classy thing to have around. It is the plant you want to be the background for all your social media platforms and does not require much care on your behalf.

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