Local Or Online Conveyancer – Discussing The Pros And Cons

When buying or selling property, you would be advised to hire a solicitor or a conveyancer. While a solicitor practices various aspects of law, an accredited conveyancer specialises only in property legislation and legal issues. However, this is not where the argument ends. There are pros and cons to both online and local conveyancing solicitors. To help you decide your best go-to, here are the common differences:

Work Handling Capacity And Approach

The competition, as well as the client base of a local and online conveyancer, differs. When you source local conveyancing you can go for physical meetings and have better communication. However, this factor relies on how often would you go and be able to meet your solicitor. For online sources, they handle a larger client base, with work crowding at their hand. They might not individually attend to your case close enough as your local source, but they do often have to tackle far more complex cases which makes it a safer bet. So if you are not in a hurry to sell the property and have the patience then an online conveyancer service might be your best bet. Check to see if the online Conveyancer is based on the High Street and can provide that personal service at arms length.


It is obvious that if you opt for an online conveyancing high street Solicitor firm, you would find lower prices than your local solicitor’s. The competition online is tougher, and if you compare conveyance quotes online from Solicitors based in ow cost of living area, you would find something suitable for you. With local conveyancers, you may not have as many options or flexibility in the pricing factor.


When you opt for a local conveyancer, the handling of paperwork and communication becomes slower due to the slower physical review process. In the case of online conveyancers, it is swift as you simply submit your documentations via a reliable online portal or by email. And good online conveyancer firms will also promise reduced timescales and the efficacy is also very high.

Also in an online firm, multiple conveyancing teams may be handling your case which may result in a faster review process.

The Trust Factor

Whoever you opt for, you need to be able to trust your conveyancer to handle your legalities safe and error-free. The more you communicate, and put forth queries to your conveyancer you would have a better chance at understanding. In the case of local sources, you can have reviews from people you know, and make your assessment during physical appointments. In the case of online sources, your best bet is client referrals and google reviews. So if you do opt for an online conveyancer, make sure the firm and the solicitors are accredited and belong to the conveyancer regulatory body and have a number of satisfactory reviews.


Your local conveyancer may also provide more flexible time frames to work with, while for online sources it may be limited. You always have to depend on the online mediums to get in touch with the conveyancer. The physical aspect of having the conversation face to face is not a privilege in online conveyancer services. So, do your research and go for which you feel the most comfortable.

Hope these tips come in handy when picking your conveyancer.

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