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international shipping

Sending a parcel within the country doesn’t pose many problems. However, international shipping can be much more of an issue – especially when it comes to prices. What if your international cargo happens to be large-size, like a car or a motorcycle? Then it’s time to look for a reliable transport company.

What’s different between courier services and transport companies is that the latter are able to ship all sorts of loads, no matter the size, weight, and route length. That means you can hire a transport company to help with moving your house, to transport your car abroad, to ship pallets, furniture and much, much more. Such companies often specialize, for example in car transportation or motorcycle shipping.

How to find a reliable transport company

Thousands of professional transport providers you can find on It’s a transport marketplace that serves as a platform for customers and transport providers to meet. All you have to do is list your items for free, put in all the details concerning your delivery (the route, the dimensions of the load, etc.) – and then just wait. Transport providers will quote on your listing and you’ll choose the one that suits you best.

Clicktrans will help you find the right transport company. Every transport provider registered on the platform is verified before they can quote on listings – so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your load. Moreover, every transport provider on Clicktrans has a public profile in the service, on which you can find all the licenses the transport provider has. Also – previous customers leave their reviews on transport provider’s profiles, therefore you can find out if others were satisfied with working with the courier you are considering. Thanks to that you don’t choose the transport provider “blindly”, you can truly verify your options.

How much does international transport cost

On Clicktrans you can find domestic transport and international shipping just as easily. How much does it cost? When it comes to transport, it’s hard to make an estimation beforehand. There are many price-defining factors, such as route length, dimensions of the cargo, its weight, or even the dates of the transport. Nevertheless, transport with Clicktrans is usually cheaper, the price can be even 60% lower than the market price. How is that possible? Transport providers on Clicktrans are usually looking for extra loads on routes they are going to travel anyway. That means they can pick the additional delivery along the road without making an extra trip – and therefore give the customer a better price. For example, furniture transport from Latvia to Germany (2 sofas to be exact) cost 500 €, which is almost 250€ less than the marketplace.

You’ll find over 81 000 transport providers registered on Clicktrans. It only takes a few minutes to list your items and get your first quotes on transport!

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