Maintain Mental And Overall Health With These Basic Tips

If I had to make a list of things to help me improve or maintain my mental and overall health during the new year, it would look something like this.

1. Schedule Time To Engage Activities You Enjoy

There is no lack of advice on how to be a happier person. However, people are different and one answer is not going to pan out for everyone. On a personal level, I’m the most content when I do something I enjoy with people that are close to me. And it doesn’t have to be anything expensive or extreme. Something as simple as spending time with family or getting into a good book does the trick for me. But what activities are going to make you happy? More importantly, are you making time to engage in these activities?

2. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

One of the most dangerous things you can do is to compare your life to that of someone else. Yes, I still fall into that trap sometimes when I browse my social media profiles because I always end up feeling bad about myself. But I quickly remind myself that everyone has a different path in life. And by comparing mine with what I see on social media, then it is like facing the odds of winning at a casino. So, stop comparing your life to others, and if necessary, stay off social media platforms.

3. Learn Effective Ways To Decompress

Another dangerous part of living comes in the form of stress. Gradually, with every passing day, it can build and build until you come close to losing your mind. Hence the reason for implementing ways to decompress on a regular basis. For example, exercise and healthy eating can do wonders for your body and mind. But you can also use a proactive approach when it comes to handling stress. More specifically, you can try to manage your time better and work out a schedule. Something as basic as time management can really take the pressure off. See more ways to destress.

4. Prioritize Some Alone Time

Even though it is a good thing to spend time with family and friends, it is also necessary to get some time for yourself. Otherwise, you are going to burn out sooner or later.

Speaking from personal experience, I find that some alone time gives me a chance to get my thoughts together and to decompress. At least once a week, give yourself the opportunity to just be with your own thoughts. Take a drive, walk the dog, it doesn’t matter. Just be sure to make time.

5. Utilize Your Support System

You can bet there will be days when you simply cannot handle everything that comes your way. But this is when you should tap into your support system. Friends, family, peers, and advisors you look up to, let them give you another perspective on how to deal with the situation.

Make this your best year yet by simply taking better care of yourself. Because when you take care of yourself, you have greater odds of feeling great.

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