Marble and Granite Accessories for Kitchen

Accessories for Kitchen

Without accessories, the areas are left to look and sound unbelievably unloved, no matter how beautifully designed or furnished. Think of accessories as a cake glaze that gives visual interest and detail.

Accessories for Kitchen

During the design, your space looks full if you supply your accessories. They give life to your spaces by adding texture, color, style, and shape to them. Attachments are not just eye candies. Items such as vases, books, and bowls can be practical. Attachments pull together your template scheme.

Marble Fruit Bowl

You can find different sets of marble accessories at K D Crafts.  This solid marble fruit bowl gives the whole fruit an elegant appearance with cool white steel. Subtle pale gray marks marble-inherent permeate them with width and scale, adding timeless designs, sideboards, or countertops to table sets.

  • Strong white natural marble handmade.
  • Hand polished to a brilliant finish.
  • Each bowl is unique due to natural marble variations.

On top of an authentic pedestal, there is a large cool white marble fruit bowl with unique grey veining to present fruits and decorative objects.

Black Granite Coaster

K D Crafts is the manufacturer and exporters of marble and granite artifacts such as Black granite coasters. With the natural black granite coasters in this beautiful collection, add natural beauty to your kitchen table. These coasters are sturdy and beautiful, made of natural granite. Ideal to stop spills and blemishes.

When combined with granite placemats, the placemats look great. Black Granite Coasters make a significant gift! Perfect for bridal weddings, house-warming parties, birthdays, and more! The tops of the coasters are finished granite and make your drink a beautiful smooth surface! It gives a natural soft appearance.

  • Great for business decoration, homemade gifts, and birthday
  • Black square granite ribs with natural spots and rubber feet
  • Used in Indoor as well as outdoor.

With these coasters from the natural set, add the beauty of nature to the table. These natural stone coasters are made of black granite and give an organic touch. The granite coasters are an impressive addition to the dining arrangements that evoke a galaxy of stars naturally.

Granite Planters

The public and municipal landscape world’s workhorses are granite planters. Made of natural granite quarry stone and assembled with long-lasting strength and durability techniques. Both granite planters by K D Crafts are the longest-lasting material naturally, but assembling the finished product is a significant factor. Because of its building materials, granite plants are naturally robust.

Additional advantages also lie in the planting process. Some granite planters with wheels are available for quick travel. Corner joints are placed to prevent water from entering the pots and ensure additional bonding and strength, and joints are sealed.

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The most negative natural force in these pots is repetitive freezing and thawing. Specifically developed adhesives for stone keep parts together, and larger pots have additional internal attachments.

Granite planters also have drainage lumps and elevated foundations that are important to plant health. If the drying cage does not suit the build’s esthetics, the lids may be sealed for indoor use. Granite is the choice container material for most landscape designers who specify containers for commercial purposes for a stylish look with sturdy structures.

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