Midnight Kitchen Tools Designs First Ergonomic Food Cutter

Midnight Kitchen Tools has designed the world’s first ergonomic pizza cutter. The Midnight Slice launched on Kickstarter on May 11 and has shattered fundraising goals due to overwhelming demand. This pizza cutter is a convenient addition to anyone’s kitchen arsenal, can be used to cut a variety of foods, and is made to last a lifetime.

Midnight Kitchen Tools strives to design heirloom quality ergonomic kitchen products that will last forever. Their most recent kitchen gadget, the Midnight Slice, is the world’s first ergonomic food cutter. This food cutter cuts easily through different types of food while protecting the user’s wrist.


Most pizza cutters on the market are hard to clean and break easily, in addition to producing uneven cuts. The team at Midnight Kitchen Tools believes that the best pizza cutter should not cause wrist strain or culinary distress. For this reason, they decided to design a slicer that can reduce wrist fatigue when slicing both pizza crusts and thicker foods.

“As an engineer, I was determined to design a kitchen product that is ergonomic and awesome,” says Midnight Kitchen Tools founder Michael Chou. “Traditional pizza slicers force you to bend your wrist while cutting, which makes cutting very difficult. Our slicer makes it much easier to slice through your food, while protecting your wrist from unnecessary strain.”

The ergonomic curved handle is where the magic of the Midnight Slice lies. With this curved handle, the user exerts force from their chest and arm muscles, allowing them to keep their wrist straight and avoid discomfort or injury. Thanks to the extra leverage and weight balance, not only does the Midnight Slice work well for pizzas, it also works well cutting vegetables, meats, and herbs.

Besides offering comfort, the Midnight Slice is 100% stainless steel, making it easy to clean. Most food slicers are overly complicated, containing plastic bits and crevices which are difficult to wash. This food cutter is composed of only three parts, and can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher.

Midnight Kitchen Tools has been making ergonomic products that are focused on comfortability, efficiency, and safety since 2013. The company’s goal is to launch innovative ergonomic items that thoughtfully lift the standards for kitchen tool design while also making life simpler in the kitchen. Wanting to find a solution to protect his wrist from the discomfort of scooping out sweet treats for his family, founder Michael Chou created the world’s first ergonomic ice cream scoop after taking the idea and developing countless redesigns and prototypes. , which has been featured in multiple magazines and articles. After the success of the Midnight Scoop, he discovered that there was another kitchen utensil that vastly needed improvement.


What makes the Midnight Slice unique is the fact that a lot of physics and engineering went into the overall process and design of it. Its design allows the user to “push” into the good that they want to cut using larger muscles in their chest and arms instead of weaker muscles and parts of the body. The finger grooves help users grip the handle easier giving them the ultimate control when slicing food. Also, the curvature in the front of the handle near the blade helps keep the wheel aligned and balanced while users apply force. Along with that, the 3-part slicer; the ergonomic slicer, the sharp cutting wheel, and the wheel-tightened screw; is 100% stainless steel. It is designed to be efficient and comfortable for anyone’s hands. Not only is the Midnight Slice good for cutting pizza, it can also cut through a variety of different foods like quesadillas, pies, vegetables, pasta, and even blocks of fudge. The utensil created by Midnight Kitchen Tools can and will be a convenient addition to many kitchen arsenal and will last a lifetime.


The Midnight Slice was created to help make culinary adventures safer and easier. With its unique design, users can cut all kinds of food like flatbread, vegetables, herbs, quesadillas, sandwiches with no strain at all.

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