Miraburst’s Miracle Berry Taste Enhancing Tablets provides healthier alternatives to well-known recipes.

Miracle berries have been all the rage for quite some time now. While they were first discovered by European explorers in the 1700s and have been eaten by West African for many years, not much was done until the 1970s when a biomedical postgraduate wanted to make sweet foods without artificial sweeteners. However, when the FDA reclassified it as a food additive, it meant that it would take many years of testing before anyone could market the berries. After years of testing and experimentation, they appear again, with companies starting to create products with them. 

Now, they can be bought in their natural form and tablets that both work equally well. However, because they are highly perishable and lose their taste-altering capabilities relatively quickly, miracle berries in tablet form are among the best ways to preserve the active ingredient miculin. This glycoprotein molecule binds to taste receptors on the tongue and super-activates its sweet receptors. 

People who have consumed the miracle berries in both forms have stated that the most effective way to consume them is to cleanse the palate with a glass of water and consume it by keeping it in the mouth for a bit. At the same time, it coats it entirely, then bites into it and make sure that its content coat the entire mouth. After that, within a few minutes, the berry will take full effect. While it is meant to be a solution for those seeking a healthy lifestyle, diabetics or borderline diabetes, chemotherapy patients, and children, the hype came from people doing the “Miracle Berry challenge” on social media platforms. 

According to many blogs and health websites, miracle berries have now been classified in the “superfood” category because of the research done on how they can positively affect healthy eating habits. Interestingly, superfoods are the ones that people tend to run away from because they are “scary” or don’t taste good. So, miracle berries can help make people consume the foods that they were previously scared of. 

Scientifically, miracle berries are meant to help people enjoy healthy food to cut down on processed foods, reduce intake of sugar and sweeteners and have a healthier eating habit while still satisfying their sweet tooth. Because of this, more food and beverage companies are using the berries in their recipes. Recently, The Culinary Institute of America, the premier culinary institute globally, has developed alcoholic cocktail recipes that pair very well with the miracle berry, which were explicitly designed as an industry service to Miraburst. Miraburst is a company that has been on a mission to use miracle berries to help people enjoy healthy eating by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their daily eating habits. 

The recipes that The Culinary Institute of America created were similar to recipes to existing popular cocktails known to the public but modified to exclude sugar, syrups, or any sweetener. The recipes were meant to demonstrate how most of the currently existing sugar or sweetener-loaded cocktails can be turned into an even more deliciously sweeter and healthier one with the help of miracle berries. Interestingly, from the alcoholic creations with Miraburst’s Miracle Berry Taste Enhancing Tablets, people found that every alcohol tastes different. Because of that, there are quite a few people who have been experimenting with the tablets to see what happens when they try other drinks. It seemed that because the berries have a glycoprotein that binds to proteins on the sweet receptors of the taste buds on the tongue to form a miraculin-sweet receptor complex which sends signals to the brain to perceive sour or acidic food or drink as sweet, certain alcoholic drinks paired very well. According to their blog, some drinks that work well with the Miraburst miracle berry are gin and tonic, different types of wine, and anything that has the addition of lemon or lime juice. 

Non-alcoholic wise, it has been noted that things like yogurt parfaits, fruit salads, smoothies, and apple cider are just among the few items that can be enhanced with Miraburst’s Miracle Berry Taste Enhancing Tablets. Generally, a yogurt parfait is made with unsweetened plain Greek yogurt, which can be sour or unappealing to many. However, it can taste sweet like ice cream with the tablets so that people can enjoy it while getting a great source of antioxidants and other phytonutrients, vitamin D, and probiotics, which are all beneficial for healthy living and can help manage blood sugar levels. Additionally, while fruit salads aren’t the worst things people can consume to maintain a healthy lifestyle, many tend to substitute them with other processed foods. But, when paired with Miraburst’s products, it can help satisfy any sweet tooth, cutting down on processed foods and sugar intake at the same time. Thirdly, drinking lemon water and apple cider vinegar can provide many health benefits such as aiding digestion, improving skin, providing Vitamin C, and many more. It has also been concluded that lemon water also helps stabilize blood sugar levels after meals, while apple cider vinegar can improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin. However, the sour taste of both tends to make it difficult for many to enjoy and consume daily. With the help of the tablets, both can be made to taste enjoyable without any added sugar or sweetener. There are so many other ways to use Miraburst’s Miracle Berry Taste Enhancing Tablets, but these are just a few. Whatever type of fruit, food, or drink people choose, Miraburst ensures that they can make it naturally delicious, sweet, and healthier to enjoy healthier eating habits daily. 

After CEO Dr. Emmanuel Asare was first diagnosed with borderline diabetes and was forced to change his diet by adding more fruits and vegetables and cutting down on processed food and sugar, he knew he needed to create a solution that wasn’t already on the market. His health journey proved quite tricky initially because, much like every human on the planet, he was addicted to sugar-filled foods and drinks. He found that the current products like natural or artificial sweeteners still had adverse effects like a problematic aftertaste and long-term health issues, so he ventured back to his roots when he came across the miracle berry in his home country of Ghana. 

Even though there are no similar products on the market when they saw the success of Miraburst, their Miracle Berry Taste Enhancing Tablets are the only product on the market that sweetens and removes the sour taste of sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks, while also helping with sugar addiction. They can do so effectively, but they can recondition taste buds for healthier eating habits and get used to less sugar. 

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