Modern Asia Through Drama 2021

Take your pick at any of these Korean dramas I’m going to blabber out. They are a fun watch and it will get you hooked on to it for a long time. It comes out with about 20 episodes or more. The best ones are probably the older versions but there are also a lot of new Korean dramas that are coming out. Here are some of the suggestions I was supposed to blabber out from drama cool

Full House: It’s about a girl who soon finds out that her house was taken over by this rich boy. So she decides that she will stand her ground and stay in the house, with the boy. So they soon start fighting but learn that they have feelings for each other. Watch what happens when they both confess to each other about their love for one or another.

Cain And Abel: One of my all-time favorite dramas. This story is somewhat like the Bible story Cain and Abel but the difference is that the brother does not die. He comes back to find out who tried to kill him and then learns that it was his own brother. The setting of the show is mostly in the hospital. Watch how he uncovers the truth and what he does to his brother.

There is a lot of conflict going on in both these dramas. And that’s what makes it more fun to watch. They are entirely different but somewhat the same. It’s different because one is more of a happy setting, Full House, and one is more of a sad setting, Cain, And Abel. They are both a great watch and it really gets to you. Emotionally you will feel happy or sad, depending on which one you watch. But make sure you watch both of it soon!

Modern Asia Through Drama

To many in the West, especially students, Asian performing arts means the traditional arts: kabuki, n¬, Jingju (Beijing Opera), and kathakali. Many are also familiar with the cinema of Asia, thanks to the growth in popularity of the cinemas of China (Hero), Japan (via anime and Americanized versions of Japanese films such as Ju-on and Ringu) from kissasian, and India (via a growing awareness of “Bollywood”). Yet between premodern tradition and postmodern cinema is a century of modern Asian theatre and drama—over a hundred years of non-traditional plays and performances that embody all of the social, political, and cultural concerns of Asia as it encountered the West and then began to modernize.


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