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Every brand is looking for a competitive edge in the industry or niche market and would require immediate results. However, opting for a monthly SEO package would prove to be an affordable solution for the business. Various companies claim to have the latest techniques, tricks and solutions to rank your business on top. However, when you have various options, you should be careful in picking the right SEO Company that could help you achieve all the goals without any barriers. One such company that offers SEO Packages UK is PerfectLinkBuilding UK offers various SEO as well as link building packages by experts for different brands.

If you invest in paid or organic search, you should keep the target demographic in mind and generate leads for the business you could convert. Regardless of where you invest, an effective SEO package should help in:


  • increasing industrial brand awareness
  • Act immediately on the traffic to the website
  • Expand the digital presence on lead generation resources
  • Create relevant and fresh content
  • Optimise the website to rank higher in search engines
  • Position the brand as an influencer in the industry
  • Bring up a community of people that remain loyal to the brand

Elements in a Monthly SEO Package

  • Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research:- This could be one of the most important parts of an SEO package. To target the customers effectively through search engines, you will have to develop a list of keyword phrases that consumers would use to find the business. Most companies create around ten to twelve phrases for a brand. With the help of such phrases, you could easily catalogue the website and its content in the search engines so that they are ready for the next search.


  • On-page Optimization:- The keyword phrases are programmed into the website during this stage. Every page on the website should have custom title tags, keywords, meta descriptions and headers.



  • Article Writing on Blogs:- SEO packages include blog articles as well. This could be just a news and information column in the website that might provide a platform to the business to highlight your influence and to interact about your products or services. The articles that the SEO form writes should include important keyword phrases. The eCommerce SEO services might also offer to get the content featured on other websites which are known as blogger outreach.


  • Directory Listings:- It can help with the local SEO. You could find thousands of online directories that could list your website and could lead to the website. If you update directory listings, remove duplicates and complete each entry, the website will have a referral network and the consistency will give you credibility on search engines by increasing the SEO performance.



  • Earning Links:- You could earn links from influencers in your industry to your website and this is what good SEO firms do. However, before adding new links, perform a link analysis on the website to determine if any links should be removed. Make sure that the third party sites are influencers that belong to your industry. The sites should be referral generators for you. If there is a high juice rate on your website, it might impact your online performance in search engines.


  • Integrating Maps:- It is not a tough task to figure out how to get a business listed in maps. It could either be with the assistance of local SEO or with the help of search engine rankings. If you are a small scale or home-based business, you could hide the address. However, the business performance would not be optimal.



  • Content for Website:- Based on the size of the website, the SEO company might recommend you regarding the content marketing strategy you should implement. It can help in building a larger and stronger digital footprint for the business. This means that you would be building a website so that search engines trust you and the audience have various options to find you when you are offering products or services. The content you add could be white papers, articles, videos, testimonials and more. This could be included in any of the marketing plans you have.


  • Social Media Marketing:- Following the initial meeting to discuss further goals, an SEO expert could help you in planning and developing a custom social media strategy that is unique to your brand. It could include social media channels that make sense for the business. It is essential to develop content so that people could share and react which would lead them to take action by opting for your products or services. Brands should make use of all social media channels to reach consumers. The SEO experts can also help you set up profiles if the business lacks a proper social media presence.



  • Pay Per Click Campaign Management:- The SEO firm, as a part of its digital marketing strategy might manage the pay per click campaigns on Facebook and other social media platforms or search engines. A pay per click campaign allows you to pay for the customers who click on the ad whereas you pay for the print and TV ads where the number of people sees the ad. PPC is a great method that helps in traffic generation while you get ranked on search engines.  It could be a powerful tool that helps in brand building as you could connect the products and services with specific keywords.


  • Email Marketing:- Email marketing is one of the most essential aspects of the business. If you are a B2B or B2C, email marketing allows you to build connections with customers and is a great way to bring in traffic to your website. You could easily reach out to the customers who are out of contact or those who have recently visited your website or business that needs more consideration.



  • On-going On-page Optimisation:- In addition to generating interesting and attractive content, the SEO firm should review regularly, website analytics to determine the leads. Find out the reason behind the lack of conversions – is it because the website needs redesigning or is not much responsive or for some other reason. The constant review would require updates to the code in the website and should be changed with new data points.
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