Monthsary Gift Ideas: Flower & Chocolate Bouquet Ideas For Filipino People

Are you searching for the perfect gift to celebrate your monthsary with your loved one? Look no further! Combining the beauty of flowers with the sweetness of chocolates, a bouquet is a timeless gesture of affection that never fails to impress. For the Filipino people, monthsary celebrations hold significant importance, marking the passage of time and the strength of their bond. To make your monthsary gift even more special, consider these delightful flower and chocolate bouquet ideas tailored for Filipino tastes.

Top 11 Flower & Chocolate Bouquet Ideas For Monthsary Gift:

1] Carnations with Chocolate Bouquet:

Carnations are a great way to show how much you care because they represent love and respect. This flower, which comes with a variety of delicious chocolates, is a thoughtful and sweet way to show your love. Carnations’ delicate beauty and chocolate’s tempting charm perfectly match each other in terms of tastes and feelings. This thoughtful gift will have a lasting effect on your loved one, whether you’re enjoying a special event or just wanting to say thank you.

2] Gerbera with Chocolate Bouquet:

Gerbera daisies make your partner smile because of their bright colors and happy mood. They are a great way to improve any day because of their bright colors and funky charm. When given with chocolates, this gift shows love and warmth, making it an act that spreads happiness and joy. When you send Gerbera flowers and sweets together, it’s sure to make someone happy and warm, whether it’s for a special event or just because.

3] Mixed Flower with Chocolate Bouquet:

Why choose just one kind of flower when you can have a beautiful bouquet of different kinds? For a truly unique gift, put together a bunch of flowers, each reflecting a different part of your relationship. Then, pair the bouquet with a range of chocolates. Let each flower, like the passionate red rose, the happy sunflower, or the sweet lily, represent a different part of your love story. This will make the gift even more important and remembered.

4] Sunflower with Chocolate Bouquet:

Sunflowers are important to celebrate your monthsary because they stand for love and loyalty. This flower, along with the chocolates, will make your partner feel warm and happy. Sunflowers’ bright yellow leaves make you feel happy and positive, and their strong stems represent how strong and resilient your relationship is. With the sweetness of chocolates, this thoughtful gift shows how much you love and care for your partner, making your anniversary party truly special.

5] Stargazer with Chocolate Bouquet:

Stargazer lilies are the definition of luxury, with their stunning beauty and gentle presence. They are perfect for celebrating important events like a monthsary. Their beautiful flowers give off an air of class and charm, adding a bit of luxury to any event. When combined with delicious chocolates, this gift creates a beautiful symphony of tastes and smells that will leave the receiver with a lasting impression. Roses and chocolates called Stargazer lilies are beautiful gifts that truly show how much you care.

6] Tulips with Chocolate Bouquet:

Tulips, a sign of perfect love, are a beautiful way to show your partner how much you care. They make a standard and sweet gift that will be loved, especially when paired with chocolates. When you want to show your love at a special event, tulips are a great choice because they are simple and beautiful. Adding the delicious goodness of chocolates to this gift makes it a genuinely emotional deed that shows how much you care about and love your loved one.

7] Mixed Roses with Chocolate Bouquet:

Roses have always been a sign of love and passion, and giving a bunch of roses of different colors gives your gift more depth and meaning. For a sweet act that means a lot, give them chocolates. Whether the roses are classic red ones, which mean deep love, or delicate pink ones, which mean respect, the mixture shows deep love. Mixed Roses and chocolate go well together because chocolate is sweet, and roses are beautiful. This combination is great for showing love at any time.

8] Pink Roses with Chocolate Bouquet:

Since pink roses are associated with love and sweetness, they are a great way to show appreciation on your anniversary. You have a sweet and soft gift when you put them together with chocolates. The soft color of pink roses shows how gentle your love is, and the decadent luxury of chocolates makes the gift even more sweet. Together, they make a meaningful way to show your love and respect for your partner on this special day.

9] Red Roses with Chocolate Bouquet:

Red roses are a standard choice for romantic events like a monthsary because they represent deep love and desire. Pairing this bouquet with chocolates will show how strong your feelings are in the sweetest way possible. The rich, soft petals of the roses look great next to the decadent, sweet chocolates. They create a sensory experience that makes you feel love and desire. This classic act says a lot without saying a word and is a great way to show your love that lasts.

10] White Roses with Chocolate Bouquet:

White roses are essential to show love and respect because they represent innocence and purity. Put them together with chocolates to make a gift as pure and sweet as your relationship. The white roses show the pure beauty of your love, and the rich sweetness of the chocolates makes the bouquet even more special. They make a meaningful move that shows how you feel and strengthens the bond between you and your loved one.

11] Ecuadorian with Chocolate Bouquet:

Ecuadorian roses are known for having beautiful, rich petals that make them an excellent choice for any special event. Their big flowers are very classy and elegant, making them a great gift choice. When paired with decadent chocolates, the gift is even more extravagant and leaves a lasting impression on the recipient’s heart. Whether enjoying a special occasion or showing love, Ecuadorian roses and chocolates will make the experience unforgettable and treasured.


When choosing a flower and chocolate bouquet for your monthsary, consider your partner’s preferences and personality to select the perfect combination that will touch their heart. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of roses or the cheerful brightness of gerbera daisies, your thoughtful gesture is sure to be appreciated. Celebrate your love and the journey you’ve shared together with a beautiful bouquet that speaks volumes without saying a word. Happy monthsary!

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