MOT and car servicing in Hornchurch

The cost of a service may surprise the automobile owner, especially if the technician doing the regular maintenance inspection finds several issues with your vehicle. However, a recent study indicated that scheduling your car’s MOT and car servicing before your service would help drivers to save these huge charges.

Many problems should be discovered during the required checks that are a part of the MOT test, according to Start-up in vehicle repair, sparing owners from having to pay for expensive labour costs for regular service in Hornchurch. 

A database analysis of 20,000 automobiles found that 81% of the faults found during service would also be detected in the MOT test.

An MOT service maintains the reliability, security, and functionality of your vehicle and is based on DVSA regulations that were created in accordance with the criteria of the vehicle’s manufacturer. While the car servicing is a vehicle’s brakes, seatbelts, and tyres inspection and all inspected during a MOT test and a service, making them similar in several aspects.

The MOT business and the workload at test centres have greatly grown as a result of the government extending the MOT till 2020. That is supported by DVSA figures. In August of last year, when the extension ran out, 310,000 more tests were carried out as cars sped into stores to avoid becoming trapped.

Because a MOT test service examines both the general health of your automobile and its important safety components, it is more thorough. It also requires changing some parts, like the engine oil, to keep your automobile running properly. A thorough service might include replacement spark plugs, fuel filters, and air filters to further improve a vehicle’s performance (as needed).

In Legal terms, a valid MOT certificate is necessary. A MOT test is required if your automobile is three years old or older. Driving without MOT and car servicing in Hornchurch is limited without proper service, It is against the law and can void your insurance.

Here are four explanations as to why we believe routine maintenance is important for 4×4 vehicles:

  • Your car will surely last longer if you take better care of it. Routine maintenance is essential if you want to keep your car in good shape and enjoy years of trouble-free driving.
  • Wear and tear accumulates over time, so just because your car looks to be in decent shape doesn’t mean everything is fine. Regular maintenance can reveal hidden problems and provide customers with peace of mind that their car is safe to use.
  • When the time comes to sell your cherished car, service history or, better yet, documentation of regular maintenance will undoubtedly attract more buyers willing to pay a premium for such a well-kept vehicle.
  • Although the initial cost of a service may be a barrier, skipping it might end up costing far more in the long run. Regular maintenance can help find issues early on before they cost money and are challenging to fix. Additionally, having fresh oil and filters changed as part of your maintenance helps improve the fuel efficiency of your car.

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