MT Vikings takes the trophy from The British Ladies Open Championship at Cowdray!

MT Vikings

MT Vikings continues their road to the top! The polo feminine team continues to gather victories and leave a brand in their history around this sport that is considered one of the oldest in the world! That’s right, even though horse polo can appear to be like the “new thing”, it is most definitely not new.

This practice was called “the sport of kings”, so that give us an idea of how long it has been around. Competitive polo is played worldwide and with a lot of popular teams leading the trend. One of those teams is MT Vikings, in the feminine polo trend.

Let’s talk about the players that are part of this team. MT Vikings is formed by Hazel Jackson (9), Siri Bazzoni (2), Emma Boers (5) y Kayley Smith (2), a group of hard worked athletes with great dedication to the team and to the sport.

All of them has shown high-quality performance on the field with strategic moves and great coordination as a team. That has led them to gather several victories in some of the most important tournaments of polo in the world.

One of the recent ones is the Victrix Ludorum set, that hosts several tournaments and it has been around for 5 seasons now, transforming it in one of the most popular and with more attendance. This innovative event in feminine polo has brought more interest in the sport and is causing that more and more tournaments are being created in clubs worldwide, as a way to encourage feminine polo players.

This event is composed by different tournaments in some of the most prestigious clubs in the world. In this particular occasion, the games were played at: Black Bears, Knepp Castle, Cowdray Park, Cirencester Park, Beaufort, Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club, and Guards.

As you can see, some of these are very old and renown clubs so their willing to include new tournaments to encourage feminine polo players is highly appreciated.

Mt Vikings played at this set of tournaments and took several trophies home, showing one more time that they have come to stay. One of these tournaments was the British Ladies Open Championship that took place in the prestigious Cowdray Polo Club.

And it was an afternoon with a grey weather, in which these athletes matched their performance in a game that was quite interesting and tense. The first chukker was under the dominance of the opposite team, the ladies of Park Place.

Park Place started strong, with a lot of enthusiasm and strength. The team includes Varvara Borodina, and the woman from Argentina, Cata Lavinia and Lía Salvo, with Milly Hine also in the squad.

The first scored point was by the hand of Lía Salvo. She put Park Place in the first place and it wasn’t looking really good for MT Vikings. However, their defensive moves maintained this score for the first chukker and they changed their game completely to an offensive one during the second chukker.

So, the second chukker showed more offensive moves from MT Vikings and they managed to match the score 2-2, thanks to the known flaws of defensive strategies from Park Place. Being in a tie. The third and fourth chukker became the more exciting ones.

For this third chukker, Hazel Jackson was the starred character. This lady put MT Vikings in the first place by scoring 3 goals during this period. She had the most outstanding performance in this game and showed great dominance over the opposite team.

The final chukker was already kind of secured. Park Place had 3 goals and struggle to break the defense of the ladies of MT Vikings. In a hard attempt to play bigger offensive moves, they lack defense and gave MT Vikings one more score that secured their place in the tournament as the winners.

The last score was made by Emma Boers right before finishing and moved the score 6 to 3, leaving Park Place completely defeated.

Everyone that was following the game wonder how it would end and the result was completely unexpected and left everybody in a shock because MT Vikings completely upgraded their game and took the score 6-3 with an amazing change of more offensive fewer defensive moves.

With that final score, they secured their trophy. The title of the official winners of the popular British Ladies Open Championship was for MT Vikings, proving one more time their ability in the field and their dedication to the sport.

And it was a well-earned victory in one of the most prestigious clubs in the polo world, so we expect this will open more opportunities for this team that has skilled full players like Siri Nysveen, who is making a name in the sport and is showing a great performance on the field.

Regarding Pak Place, it is interesting to know the changes that are going to be made after this defeat. Their defense needs to improve since it was the aspect that got them to lose. However, this final match only showed the best of the feminine polo teams, after competing against 6 other teams.

Both teams were granted gifts from the official sponsor of the tournament and were congratulated for their performance.

Park Place was also awarded with the Best Playing Pony award. The winner was Mosqueta, owned and ridden by Milly Hines, which was a great honor.

The pictures of the winners showed great proud in their smiles after grabbing the popular trophy. It is very noticeable the effort that these ladies put into this tournament and the joy of getting to their goal, specially in a prestigious club with such a long history related to Polo.

Cowdray is also known as the House of Polo, and matches has been played here since 1910. Many teams have measured their ability for this sport in the multiple tournaments hosted in this club and the British Ladies Open Championship has become widely popular.

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