Navigating Amsterdam at Night: Safety Tips for Taxi Riders

Exploring a city is exciting and risky at the same time. You get to know new faces, buildings or eateries, creating pleasant memories for a lifetime. On the other hand, if you are not careful, you might end up in some kind of trouble. 

It is essential to consider safety measures prior to availing Amsterdam taxi services. And here, we are enlightening you about tips concerning safe travel at night in the capital of the Netherlands.

Tips for Traveling in Amsterdam at Night

Taxi License

This license is a legitimate proof that the driver is allowed to operate the vehicle as a taxi. The legal taxi firms will only recruit drivers that own this license. This exemplifies that the person is capable of driving a car, particularly a taxi. Moreover, such firms make sure to determine the background of the drivers, including past experiences in dealing with customers.

In order to travel safely at night in Amsterdam, you should ask for the license. Explore the website of the taxi firm to determine whether its drivers are licensed. You can even review the license before sitting in the car. 

Travel with Others

Another safety tip to travel at night in Amsterdam is to not travel alone. This is significant if you are traveling for the first time in the city. There is always more safety in numbers. Accompany someone whom you can trust, like your close friend or family member. 

Nevertheless, as per our research, solo traveling is fine in Amsterdam, even for females. Streets are lit at night and violence crime rate is quite low. However, the guidance from an experienced traveler can still make a great impact. Also, share your live location with someone else too.

Protect Your Valuables

Your phone, laptop, tablet, jewelry and cash are valuables. Losing them can cost you a lot. Therefore, firstly, avoid bringing these things to the taxi. Second, even if you have and you booked airport transfers Amsterdam, then put your stuff closer to you. Keep an eye on the chauffeur as well to determine his or her focus. Also, avoid placing your luggage on the front seat. 

Before leaving the taxi, check whether you have all of the possessions with you. Do not always doubt the driver in case something is missing. Take your time to search your bags. Or, you can look around the car seats too. 

Save Emergency Contact Numbers

You must have emergency contact numbers in both written and digital form. Such data comprises the numbers of police, ambulance, tourist police and fire brigade. You never know what might happen. Giving them a call can save your life alongside your valuables. 

Moreover, other than official emergency numbers, you must save the contact details of your close friend or relative living in Amsterdam. This should be the one whom you can trust for urgent matters. Let someone know beforehand regarding your travel plans. 

Determine Local Customs

Familiarize yourself with the local customs of Amsterdam. Learn about things that are done in the city. Furthermore, study beforehand about the rules that people follow. Basically, local customs are all about what is common in a particular area. It can include behavior or traditions.

Doing so can save you from misunderstandings or further trouble. You will not anger the chauffeur or other passengers. Moreover, people will consider you kind and friendly. Sometimes, it is just about the differences in cultures that we neglect to understand, leading to unwanted problems. 

Alternative Transport

First of all, if it is not absolutely necessary, then avoid traveling at night, particularly around or after midnight. You can perform tasks during the daytime too. And, this is appropriate as most shops and supermarkets are open during the day hours. 

Moreover, instead of using taxi services, you can travel via buses or trams. They are usually safe and open till midnight. You will most likely be accompanied by others. These modes are inexpensive too as compared to taxis. Furthermore, Amsterdam is one of the most walkable regions around the world. Hence, if you are not alone and have taken all the other safety precautions, then enjoy your walk. 


Amsterdam is an amazing place in the Netherlands to travel. There are plenty of tourist attractions in the city as well. However, for being a nighttime taxi rider, there are certain tips to keep yourself and your luggage safe. First, always hire a taxi whose drivers are licensed. The proof of legitimacy for driving such a vehicle is very important.

Furthermore, avoid traveling without another passenger. Consider a reliable companion for this matter. Moreover, you should share your location with someone else in this city too. Place your things close to you, on the backseat. Do not bring expensive possessions to your taxi ride. Moreover, if possible, opt for safer transportation, including buses and trams, which are less pricey too.

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