Navigating the Ins and Outs of Quoteradar’s Taxi Fleet Insurance

Managing a taxi business with an entire fleet of cabs can be a tough job, especially when it comes to renewing individual insurance policies for each vehicle. However, Quoteradar steps in as a game-changer, offering a streamlined solution through its taxi fleet insurance. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look into the workings of its innovative approach. It explores the benefits it brings to taxi businesses dealing with diverse vehicle types and operational scenarios. 

Fleet of Taxis Simplified 

Quoteradar, as a specialized taxi fleet insurance broker, provides a flexible approach that caters to a diverse range of vehicles within a taxi fleet. This includes coverage for private and public hire vehicles, minicabs, minibusses, and even chauffeurs (subject to vehicle values). 

The beauty of Quoteradar Private hire fleet insurance policy lies in its ability to consolidate coverage, allowing businesses to sidestep the time-consuming process of renewing individual policies for each vehicle.

New Ventures Welcome 

One of the standout features of Quoteradar’s service is its inclusivity. Whether you’re launching a new taxi venture or managing an already established fleet, we offer a tailored insurance service. This tailored approach ensures that your fleet policy aligns precisely with your unique circumstances. 

Moreover, we provide range of cover periods, granting businesses the flexibility to choose from policies lasting as short as 7 days to the more traditional annual covers. The flexibility extends further to indemnity caps, which are customizable based on performance and specific needs.

Tailored for You distinguishes itself by providing a personalized touch to its insurance services. Understanding that each taxi business is unique, we ensure that the fleet policy is tailored to suit the specific needs and circumstances of its clients. 

This means considering factors such as the size of the fleet, the types of vehicles involved, and the operational nuances of the business. 

For those seeking an extra layer of security, we offer an optional windscreen cover, taking care of the costs associated with repairs or replacements and providing added peace of mind to fleet owners.

Quick Online Quotes 

To streamline the process further, we facilitate the generation of taxi fleet insurance quotes online. Interested parties can easily reach out to our Insurance to initiate discussions on adapting a policy that precisely suits the unique needs of their fleet. 

Whether opting for private hire, public hire, minicabs, minibusses, or chauffeurs, the online quote form allows businesses to select the appropriate option, or they can opt to call our dedicated taxi fleet team for personalized assistance.


In conclusion, Quoteradar emerges as a beacon of efficiency in taxi fleet insurance. Its ability to simplify policies, accommodate various vehicles, and provide flexible coverage periods. It ensures that taxi businesses can focus on what matters most – efficient and hassle-free operations. 


What does PHV insurance cover?

PHV insurance is designed for private hire vehicles, such as pre-booked taxis and minibusses that can’t pick up passengers on the street or taxi ranks. If you operate a PHV or minicab, you’ll need this insurance. It’s distinct from public hire insurance, which is meant for traditional taxis like London’s iconic black cabs.

Can you explain motor fleet insurance? 

Motor fleet insurance involves grouping multiple vehicles under one policy for administrative convenience and streamlining renewals. The underwriting criteria are akin to standard motor insurance, with premiums varying based on vehicle types and drivers.

What is mini fleet insurance all about? 

Mini fleet insurance, also known as small fleet insurance, is tailored for individuals or companies seeking coverage for two or more vehicles. This can include a mix of HGVs, lorries, vans, and cars, providing a comprehensive solution for various vehicle types.

What’s the cost of fleet insurance in the UK? 

Based on our data, a comprehensive policy for one van typically costs £652. However, Quote Me Today customizes fleet policies individually, taking into account your business needs. It’s worth comparing this to third-party fire and theft policies at £950 and third-party cover at £1412 for a more comprehensive understanding of your options.

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