NEW Glasgow’s Top 10 Growing Careers in 2024

We are seeing the world of work evolve at a hugely unprecedented pace. With the technological advancement out there, a shifting global dynamics and a change of industry, we are seeing that people want to do more and be more than ever before.

As we get stuck into 2024 particularly, it’s important to consider the career options that can offer you both stability but opportunities for growth. For example, most people wouldn’t consider going back to study full time at college or university again, however there are new career options that you could explore which require less time to qualify and start things off.

Health and wellness continued to boom in 2023 and is expected to grow further in 2024, so you could look to become a personal trainer and study a face-to-face course. You can study in many UK locations, like Glasgow with this Glasgow Personal Training Course and qualify in 5 weeks. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best career options for 2024 in Glasgow

Data Analytics

We are living in a world that is driven by data and that is only going to grow. This means that there is a huge demand for people who can interpret and derive insights. Data analysts and scientists who are poised for a substantial career change, are going to love 2024 because their expertise is being sought after now more than ever before. This is happening across a range of industries, from finance and technology to healthcare.

Personal trainers

Personal training is still standing out as a top career choice due to how adaptable it is for the health and Wellness service. Studying to become an accredited personal trainer whether it’s doing online courses or face to face training, provides a solid foundation for huge success. Because online study is flexible, it means that anybody can get involved whenever they want to and face to face training offers a hands on experience as well as networking opportunities to build a client list. The focus on health and fitness is becoming more obvious, so personal training could be the career for you.

Cybersecurity experts

Cyber threats are becoming evidently more sophisticated than ever before with the demand for cybersecurity experts on the rise and you could be a part of that development. You can learn to protect sensitive information and digital assets and ensure that you are one of the top priority hires of any company.

Renewable energy specialist

More businesses than ever before are focusing on ESG campaigns and sustainability campaigns. This leads to a growing focus on sustainable and renewable energy specialists. Whether it’s solar and wind energy technicians that are in high demand, or those that are looking to transition to cleaner energy sources, combating climate change is the result.

Software developers

This career has been in the top 10 for a while and for a good reason. The world is developing quickly and that means if you are looking to create apps, platforms or solutions that can power daily life and protect others you’re going to be integral to various industries whether it’s in finance or gaming.

Sustainability experts

Not to be confused with our earlier mentioned renewable energy specialists, sustainability experts are playing a huge role in helping businesses to reduce their environmental footprint. Whether it’s sustainable architecture or environmental consultancy, there are careers everywhere for sustainability experts looking to make their mark.

VR developers

Augmented and virtual reality is coming to the fore in entertainment, education and healthcare. These sectors especially are rapidly adopting AR technologies and VR technologies. And if you are a developer in this field, you’re going to be instrumental to be able to create these immersive experiences that are sought after.

Digital marketing specialists

For years, digital marketing specialists have been sought after, and that’s no different. This year online shopping is still growing, and digital marketing is still going to be creating the opportunities that people need. Whether it’s an ecommerce or digital advertising your skills aren’t necessary and there are professionals out there who understand the digital landscape that can help businesses to do more for their consumers.

If you want to start a new career in marketing you should consider whether to start as a generalist covering all areas or whether it may be best to start with some specialised areas. For example you may want to support in social media, paid advertising, SEO support or areas like pay per click ads on Google

Robotics engineers

Robotics and automation are becoming increasingly integrated into industries such as logistics and manufacturing. You’ll be needed to design, maintain and build systems that are there to protect others and to further the way business works. Automation especially is growing and you can be a part of that.

Mental health professionals

The importance of mental health is out there in the world for everybody to see. Counsellors, therapists and psychologists are still playing a crucial role in supporting those with mental health issues and even those who do not have them but just do not want to develop them.

Remember that these career paths require varying levels of education and training, so choose the career path that works for you and start leading into 2024 being the year that you make changes.

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