New Trends: TikTok Influencer Marketing in 2024

From the best ROI to the most called-out name on social media and whatnot, every other influencer wants to come on the top tier group. The chase to get on the top-tier branding influencers is surreal, and most of us who are in the process of making our lifestyles a tad better are always finding ways to reach that fine category as quickly as possible. 

However, in the pursuit of reaching the pivotal success point, TikTok influencers tend to forget about the organic and less challenging ways to meet the milestone. 

But there are some of the top TikTok influencers who have spilt the beans on how to do what on the medium, the TikTok platform, to get better reach, visibility, engagement metrics, etc. – after all, it is a game of involving more audience on the posts. 

Keeping that in mind, in today’s blog, I have discussed some of the most rewarding tricks (yeah, those which are spilt by some of the most influential names of the TikTok industry) with the aim of educating you as a noob. 

Trending Ways for TikTok Marketers in 2024

Way #1: Bring Out the Best from Online & Offline Synergy

The synergy which we often miss is based on the idea that some work is done online while the other bit is completed offline, on the platforms where we get noticed and are cherished. Keeping a fine balance is the name of TikTok influencer marketing. If you do everything online and don’t attend the much-needed summit conferences arranged by high-tier clients and companies, guess what? You will miss out a lot. That is where you should have FOMO.  

Way #2: Pop-Ups on DMs (Direct Messages)

It is a harsh reality that we tend to ignore certain cash points, the ones where golden nuggets (a huge chunk of the amount in the form of money) are hidden. Not many TikTok influencers know where they are talked or discussed. Whether it be onsite, in an event, or online, discussions are generally kept to accumulate a number of comments. Instead, what should be done is weirdly strange but, again, rewarding. They should leave a pop-up with their location tag so that others may know what is happening around them. 

Way #3: Giveaways – the Seasonal Personalized Ones 

All right, to be honest with you all, I know it is one of the widely practised drills to increase the audience and the percentage of potential buyers. But at the same time, it is important to mention that influencers don’t see the receiver’s requirements when creating any giveaway. It becomes easy to send a moisturizer from the bulk you get from a manufacturing team of yours. But it takes time to know who needs moisturizer in a hot country like Oman, where the lifestyle doesn’t facilitate people with air conditioners. Literally nobody! Therefore, sending personalized giveaways according to the season is a must. 

Way #4: Thrive While Taking Feedback from the Audience 

Offline buzz is as essential as the online sensation. To maintain the balance, the campaign on TikTok should have a reasonable number of likes, shares, comments, and whatnot! However, in the buzz to see what works best, certain strategies are required, too. To go all la-la in the dreamland, you should know how and when to do what! That definitely impacts the maximum impact of the rate of interest. 

The Takeaways: Trends in 2024 for TikTok Influencer Marketing 

It goes without saying that the reason why certain influencers are skyrocketing while others are left behind is mainly due to the impracticality in 2024. This is the year when most of the influencers are working on the finest equilibrium that tends to do justice to their campaigns. 

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