OpenSourceCollection Shares a List of Top Open Source Projects 

These days, open source is getting more popular. Open-source software is free for everyone to use and modify without any restrictions. People all over the world support this idea because it’s about working together, being open, and being creative as a group. Sometimes it’s hard for developers to find these projects because they’re spread out across different websites. That’s where OpenSourceCollections comes in. It’s a website that gathers these projects in one place.

If you’re interested in contributing to or learning from open source projects, it’s important to know about websites like OpenSourceCollection. They offer free projects for you to explore and improve your skills. This article will give you all the details you need to understand why OpenSourceCollections is so popular among open-source enthusiasts.

A little About OSC(Open Source Collection)

OpenSourceCollection is a website that focuses on open-source projects. It aims to be where different Open-Source software projects created by people will get recognized and appreciated. The aim is to make it less of a challenge to find and later support the projects. This platform provides an easy route for developers to find open-source projects and in so doing, join in the collective mode of website building, offering their skills on projects that resonate with their areas of specialty.

Top Open Source Projects Shared by OSC


The TastyIgniter project is a Laravel-oriented must-watch for Laravel lovers. It is a valuable means for kitchens of eateries that need online table reservations and food orders from their customers. As a standalone system that maintains these services, TastyIgniter is encouraged by the community of contributors, and in exchange, they are always improving it. It’s free of any charge and is inspected under the MIT license if someone wants to use or renovate this software.

Activity Watch System

Have a look at the ActivityWatch, a smartly designed project built on Python. Its main goal is simple: collect your important life data while keeping your privacy in mind. The app solves the problem by placing the information in safekeeping through an application that runs on your device. ActivityWatch monitors the number of apps running, website tabs, and mouse/keyboard behavior to figure out how much time you have spent using the computer. Users can decide what data they need to access, and the projects also promote the development of new data-tracking systems for activities of different types.


Timegrid is a scheduling and appointment booking app that presents a good fit for service-type businesses – encompassing saloons, spas, medical practitioners, and a variety of consultants. It helps the managers of the business to allocate time schedules, appointments, and client information into parts which makes knowing availability and preferences easier. Customers can make appointments online and that contributes to the high level of efficiency of these companies.


Kanboard is a task management app based on the Kanban method. It implies a skill of organizing tasks and jobs effectively. When an application is in maintenance mode, its primary tasks are already delivered, and the program is error-free. Kanboard might be a good option for people who are looking for something decent to work with as it’s a PHP project.


MediaCMS is a complex open-source program developed to ease managing media files and veterans. It provides a nimble structure of the digital world, which simplifies the prerogative of many web-related activities like sharing and viewing various types of content. Django-driven and React-empowered by technological prowess, MediaCMS utilizes a REST API keeping collaboration effortless. Even setting a playscreen, of any size, with MediaCMS takes a few minutes only.


Tinode Instant Messaging Server is a cutting-edge project to set a new level of how users send messages, especially via mobile devices. It aims to produce an instant messaging module which is heavily focused on the impeccable privacy of text conversations, with great similarity to the XMPP code structure. With it, you can’t be bothered because no one can monitor or filter your messages. This gives “superpowers” to your communication as you will be able to have enchanted private conversations.


Akaunting is a specific tool for freelancers and small enterprises that is popular nowadays. It’s an open-source system that features an accountant-like P&L statement. The combination of modern technologies such as RESTful API, VueJS Tailwind, and Laravel among many others helps to increase the efficiency of back-office management. An application with a modular architecture gives the user two options, namely choosing a required output from many options of updates, or modifying the app itself.


MiroTalk is a very cool tool that is precisely for live video chat sessions with friends or colleagues. It’s so easy, quick, and secure, and this is becoming a perfect tool for all sorts of exchanging messages. Additionally, it features 4k video conferencing with up to 60 fps frame rate to facilitate HD-quality communication. The best part is that it’ll be flawless on any device/and browser. Now it’s being presented on Hetzner, which is the first-place and server specialist. This media provides the best proof the Free WebRTC is both resourceful and reliable. If you are a newcomer to JavaScript, MiroTalk will provide you with a great step to start with it


With focused logical software such as LAVSMS, high schools, and universities can pay to get administrative assistance in the management of their institutions. It uses Laravel 8 intermittently so that it can run smoother. The system has five main user roles Super Admin, Admin, Librarian, Accountant, Teacher, Students, and Parents. The roles will enable the university to adopt an organizational framework for the library.


DooTask is a resourceful web-based project management software that does not require signing up for a subscription. Its usability is highly regarded for the focus is only on such segments and not the bureaucratic stuff. Staff can work together on documents, envisage through mind maps and flowcharts, and instigate early communication with their team all in one place.


The Leantime is a smart project management system that is highly adjustable for the needs of teams or businesses as well. One is that it is easy to use and understand by beginners, on the other hand, advanced project managers can take advantage of its rich features to stay ahead of competitors.

Office Life

Office Life eliminates all the hassles of having to manage your business through numerous individual apps and wraps everything into a single platform. The system provides HR and project management functions as well as time recorder facilities. Merging into a single product the different types of tools, business companies can accomplish what they aim without the need to buy and configure them separately.

Wrapping Up

After exploring these diverse open-source projects, it becomes evident how platforms like Open Source Collection play a crucial role in the development community. These platforms have both beginners and experienced developers in mind, showcasing different projects that meet the various needs and requirements.

Open Source Collection provides one of the biggest sources of projects that encompass a wide range of domains, a selection of technologies stack, and different levels of complexity for the developers. Moreover, these resources are the backbone of the learning process as well as the development experience since they provide a platform for learning and discovery by way of exploration and experimentation.

platforms like Open Source Collection are very important resources where a developer has an opportunity to learn, expand his horizons, and contribute to the open-source world. These platforms allow developers to enhance their skill base as well as broaden their view, enabling them to become efficient and effective software developers.

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