OSRS – Pirate’s Treasure Quest Guide

Want to take in a swashbuckling quest in OSRS? Here is how you can complete Pirate’s Treasure.

If you’re looking to take in an activity that won’t take up a lot of your OSRS GP, then the Pirate’s Treasure quest is definitely worth looking into. Your task will be to gain the knowledge of where pirate treasure is hidden from Redbeard Frank. He won’t give up this information easily, so you’ll need to find some Karamjan rum.

Pirate’s Treasure Quest Requirements

To get started with this quest, there are a few requirements you will need to meet. You are going to need to be able to evade or kill a level 4 gardener for starters. 60 OSRS gold is required too, as well as obtainable items from the quest such as a white apron, 10 bananas, a spade, and the rum itself. You should also take a Varrock and Falador teleport with you, and the Ring of Charos would also be useful.

Starting the OSRS Pirate’s Treasure Quest

We firstly need to head to the northern dock in Port Sarim. Here, you can speak to Redbeard Frank who will request that you get Karamjan rum for him. In exchange he will give you the location of treasure. If you have managed to finish the Rum Deal quest, then you can ask Redbeard Frank if Braindead Rum will work instead.

We now need to head to the island of Karamja. To do this, got to the south of the docks to find three sailors. Speak to one of them to pay 30 OSRS gold to you can get on the ship. If you have a Ring of Charos as suggested, then you can use it to get on board free of charge.

The Island

Once you arrive, head off the ship and go west. Find the pub and speak with Zambo so you can purchase Karamjan rum. This will cost you 30 OSRS GP, so pay it then go east. You will find a banana plantation nearby, so talk with Luthas and ask him to hire you for a job. You will get a job from him, and you will then need to mention the customs officer. You’ll be told that his crates aren’t searched, so agree to help him out. Go into the plantation then grab 10 bananas from the trees here.

To the east of the hut, you will find a crate. Hide your rum here and then fill the crate with bananas. After that, go back and speak with Luthas, who will pay you 30 OSRS GP. Enquire where the crate ends up, and he will let you know that their destination is to Wydin, who is based in Port Sarim and owns a food store. With the payment you received from Luthas, you can pay your fare to go back to Port Sarim, or use the Ring of Charos again. Either way, you need to get yourself back to the port.

Return to Port Sarim

After you have reached the port, stop by the fishing shop in the west to get a white apron off the back wall. Wear it then head to Wydin at the food store south from here. Ask Wydin for a job and he will agree, just make sure you are wearing the apron. Go into the back room and take a look in the crate with a banana on it. The rum will be in the crate, so go back to Redbeard Frank with it and hand it over.

In return, you will be given a key that opens a chest in the Blue Moon Inn over in Varrock. Make your way here then head upstairs in the pub, which you can find to the north of the south gate of Varrock. Upstairs you will find the chest by entering the room when you reach the end of the hall. Find the chest and use the key on it to get the pirate message. This will provide a hint as to where the treasure is. Read the clue then head over to Falador.

Treasure in Falador

In Falador, go to the estate agency to the southwest of the park to get the spade. Go to the park with the spade and locate the Saradomin statue. Take a look at where the statue is pointing, and you will notice a piece of dirt that seems to represent the letter X. Start digging and you will be attacked by a level-4 gardener. Either kill him or evade him and dig once more to finish the quest.

For completing the OSRS Pirate’s treasure quest, you will receive One-Eyed Hectors Treasure and two quest points. You won’t have to find OSRS gold for sale to buy OSRS gold since there isn’t much to spend at all. Don’t worry about whipping out your Twisted Bow either, since the gardener is pretty easy to deal with.

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