Outdoor Living 101: Stay Cool Outside with Outdoor Rooms

When it comes to UK outdoor living, residents have many options. From visiting the beautiful countryside to enjoying outdoor sports, the weather in UK is very cooperative. Many people choose to bring the outdoors to their home, so they can enjoy the beautiful weather whenever they like. Outdoor rooms are the perfect option for homeowners who want to have the experience of the great outdoors from the comfort of their home. It is important for homeowners to make sure that they stay cool while enjoying an outdoor room. This can be done in many ways, which we will describe below.


A great way to stay cool while enjoying an outdoors type room is to have open windows. Allow the windows to stay open when the weather is cool or comfortable in your area and you will be able to have a nice breeze in your sun room or outdoor space.

Open Room

You can also choose to have an outdoor room that is open. This could be a patio like room with only surrounding walls, outdoor bench and chairs and with an open area that goes out on to your yard. This will give you the space you need for an addition to the ‘rooms’ in your home but also a way to enjoy the outside of your home. When creating such a space, be sure to leave partitions or open walkways and doorways to have proper flow of air to keep you cool when the weather is hot!

Cooling Fans

Ceiling fans are great for both outdoor rooms that are enclosed and rooms that are open. A ceiling fan will pull the cool air in and then allow you to feel comfortable in the space. A ceiling fan is inexpensive to run and will allow you to feel a constant breeze while you are enjoying your outdoor space. There are many ceiling fan options to choose from and if your space is large enough, multiple fans can be added for additional coolness!

AC Units

A great option for enclosed outdoor rooms, such as a sunroom, is an air conditioning unit. A small window or wall unit can be placed in the space to allow for cool air in the room. This room is usually not used often or is an addition so this type of unit works well for both cost as well as installation. An AC unit can be turned on easily when needed and keep the space nice and cool so you can enjoy the view of the outdoors! Units can also be easily moved when not in use.

Stay Cool

While enjoying your outdoor space it is also a great idea to have a cool drink or snack and dress appropriately. Enjoy a nice cold drink in your outdoor space while you feel the cool breeze and enjoy the lovely view of your home. Simply take your comfort into consideration as you plan your outdoor space so you know that you will always be cool and comfortable!


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