Path of Exile League Starter Builds to Try

Start out a league with a satisfying PoE build

There are thousands upon thousands of PoE builds available to play. Granted, not all of them would be viable, but there’s enough to cause indecision for many players. It doesn’t help that builds could ask for too much PoE currency to start with or need some technical skill beginners don’t have.

Here are some PoE league starter builds so beginners can learn the gameplay, or veterans to have a reliable farmer.

Blade Blast Inquisitor

A budget build that can hit for tons of damage, the Bladefall + Blade Blast combo is the center of this build. It’s perfect as a steady starter build, as it would work even with inexpensive gear. It is not exactly for beginners though, as it requires some technical skill to operate.

It is also not very tanky, so players who have trouble with mobility or dodging attacks might find this build difficult. It’s still a solid choice that can clear all kinds of game content, from the campaign to endgame bosses. Investing in it can make its damage reach 40-50 million DPS. May also work with the Chieftain, Assassin, Occultist, and Elementalist classes. Inquisitor is just the one with the most optimal Ascendancy skills to make this build viable.

Creeping Frost Occultist

This is the most recommended build for beginners. It costs practically nothing to build and has the potential for clearing most of the content of the game. Creeping Frost can slow down enemies, which makes it good for those who want to learn enemy movements or give enough time to dodge attacks.

It has good survivability options, and the right supporting skills can boost your damage to insane heights. Most of its damage comes from damage over time, which can take a while. It’s not for impatient players who want to clear maps with a snap of their fingers. There could also be a bit of a problem managing mana for this build, at least until the character unlocks its Ascendancy.

Still, it’s perfect for beginners to learn the systems and gameplay of Path of Exile.

Purifying Flame Mines Saboteur

While this build can start out strong in a Path of Exile league, it needs quite a lot of investment to stay viable later on. It can still perform well in later stages, but those who like pushing builds to their limits will find themselves spending much for it.

At any rate, this build offers a good balance of map clear speed and surviving boss battles. It has good options for defense and regeneration. Plus, enemies would be dead before they can touch a PFM Saboteur anyway. Recommended for veterans who want to run through the Path of Exile league start quick, and those who have deep pockets for upgrading it later.

Burning Arrow -> Arma Brand Elementalist

A transition PoE build that switches Burning Arrow for Arma Brand later in the game. It’s not a common build to be sure, but equipment for it is cheap and won’t put a hole in anyone’s savings. Actually, it can be built to transition for a different skill, which makes its customizability unique to other builds.

It may not be able to deal insane damage, but it will be enough to clear the campaign and a few bosses. On the flip side, it has many options for surviving anything that comes its way, so it makes its lower damage output work. Veterans who have experience in transition builds or those who want something unusual can play this PoE build.

Poison Blade Vortex Assassin

Blade Vortex is an overused and very nerfed skill. That made players stay away from it, though that makes it an opportunity for some. Mostly, the skills that got nerfed were the ones that put elemental damage to the vortex. By using poison, it bypasses the nerfs.

Then with nobody wanting to use a BV build, its equipment’s prices drastically dropped. Building a character in this way doesn’t cost much due to the drop in demand. It means the build is dirt cheap but still a good all-rounder build. It won’t be the best, but it’s high in the rankings for map clearing and boss vanquishing. This build is good for those who don’t want to make a mistake in building characters, or just want a good all-around one.

Parting Words

For sure, not everybody would want to try out these builds. There are many other Path of Exile league starter builds you can try. These are just the most recommended ones which have powerful clearing abilities while remaining cheap in PoE trade.

With that, continue enjoying Path of Exile, and have fun in the Ultimatum League!

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