5 Pest Hotspots at Home You Didn’t Know About

Pests are like a weed. You never seem to get rid of them once they have access to your property. This is in most cases because some pest hotspots get overlooked leaving their traces behind. From there, pests can find ways back even if you kill off the ones out and about. They never really get removed and hence raid your property in a few days’ time after all those efforts.

However, the best thing professional pest control Vancouver or any other local service providers do is to eliminate hotspots. Their knowledge and skill help them identify pest hotspots and then eliminate them for good. This way, if you don’t let new pests in, older ones don’t have a base to stand up from. Here are some of the worst and surprisingly hidden pest hotspots most people don’t know about:

1: Roof and Everything on or Around It

Since it is most exposed and more often than not in contact with tree branches, roofs are some of the biggest pest hotspots. Especially if you have ageing older roofs, there can be so much on and around them to attract pests. From mosquitoes to bats, flies to roaches and so many others love roofs.

Also, roofs are some of the hardest pest hotspots to inspect and clear out. This is why they often get overlooked and become mediums of frequent pest infestations for homes and properties. You can just see how easy it can be for mosquitoes, flies or roaches to land inside your home from a roof now.

2: Under Floor Areas

Another place pests simply love too much is underfloor areas. Since no sunlight or much air gets there, pests like termites, ants and many other bugs live there untouched. You can see how difficult it can be to take out that flooring and see underneath it. Underfloor areas are worst for pest population growth.

A professional pest control Burnaby service provide or any other region specialist will tell you how important underfloor spaces can be. Sealing all floor cracks might be an easier solution. But if you can’t shake these pests off coming up from flooring, be sure to check under it and eliminate them.

3: Wall Cracks or Openings Anywhere

Then there are wall cracks, holes or openings of any kind. These can quite simply be some of the biggest pest hotspots in any property. Also, pests don’t have to be living inside your home to find cracks and holes. They can simply crawl inside ones that may be visible from the outside exterior of the property.

Plugging gaps and cracks in walls, ceilings, doors, windows or anywhere else the best solution. Use silicone to seal up window gaps or door spaces. Even the tiniest of spaces or gaps might be enough to let in mice, ants, cockroaches and God knows what. Seal these pest hotspots up for peace of mind.

4: Backyard Storage or Shed

Since backyard storage or sheds don’t often get visited, they become proper pest infestation spaces. Also, usually, there is excessive moisture and lots of food sources in storages or sheds. All these combine to make these some of the worst (or best for pests) hotspots and living spaces.

Quite often, professional ant pest control services visit and complete survey from experts is best for sheds. This can help eliminate the problem before it escalates too much out of hand. Get mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, bats and all other kinds of pests removed before they find ways into the home.

5: Shoe Racks Inside or Outside

For pest hotspots inside the house, shoe racks and such storage places top the list. Shoe racks in particular can harbour pests of different kinds. This is usually because they can get brought in with the shoes themselves. Stuck in the mud and brought in with shoes, pests find easy routes inside homes.

From there, they can not only grow in population but attract other kinds of pests as well. However, shoe racks can be cleaned out easily by yourself. Be sure to inspect and clean out shoe racks or shoe storage places inside the house. This can save your property a lot of pest infestation problems.

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