Popular Lifestyle Trends for 2023

The 2020s are ushering in a new way of living. The digital age has spawned dozens of full-fledged, transformative trends that have already begun to change the way people work, play, study, and create. From high-tech home additions like residential lifts to sophisticated personal security systems, the new decade holds much promise. What are some of the most impactful changes in the works?

Lifts and security systems are just two at the top of the list, but others include community-based gym equipment, wearable fitness and health devices, audiobooks, and advanced video chat apps. Technology has a way of catching on quickly once the infrastructure is in place. The same is true for social and behavioral trends like exercise, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors. Here are some of the changes to look for as 2023 approaches.

Home Lifts

Installing a home lift achieves several goals at once. Today’s residential lifts are cost-efficient ways to add value to a home, make the living space safe for people who prefer to avoid staircases, and want to add a touch of elegance to their everyday surroundings. It’s important to understand how a home lift can save you money in multiple ways. Many people install one because they can no longer negotiate steps or wish to keep small children safe from the risk of falling. Others choose to ramp up the potential resale value of their property should they someday decide to sell. Others simply like the idea of improving the overall look and ambiance of their living space with an elegant, classy home lift.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Outdoor gym equipment facilities are popping up in public parks, rec grounds, schools of all kinds, and common areas of home associations. It’s worthwhile to know why using outdoor fitness equipment is important for people of all ages. Key advantages include universal accessibility, equipment that’s easy to use, and the chance to get a great workout in fresh air any time of year. It’s part of human nature to want to breathe freely and enjoy socializing and being outside while exercising.

Wearable Fitness Devices and Audiobooks

Two products that have taken the retail sector by storm are wearable fitness devices and audiobooks. People of all ages are tired of having to scroll through onscreen lines to enjoy the books they love. Instead, they’re buying audio versions by the millions. Likewise, wearable devices like blood pressure and heart rate monitors are commonplace in gyms and wherever people exercise. Consumers want more information about their health and are willing to pay for it. With audiobooks, prices are coming down, and multiple retailers are offering access to low-cost membership clubs that include vast numbers of titles in every conceivable genre.

Video Chat

The COVID pandemic began in 2020. One of its unintended effects was the rapid development of video chat programs, systems, and apps. Never before had people in the digital age been forced to find effective, reliable ways to communicate visually and through audio connections. Several platforms and companies came to dominate the niche, but the industry collectively turned a once obscure way of connecting into the default method for transmitting information, holding business meetings, and conducting academic classes online.

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