Popular Turkish Drinks and Desserts

Everyone listens carefully when it comes to eating and drinking. Food is one of the things in this life that no one can easily give up. Also, drinks are as important in our lives as food. It’s often food that binds people together. The pleasure of eating and drinking is experienced with your loved ones. When you go out, you want something to eat or drink with your friend. It is the dish that brings you together at the tables set up on special occasions. That’s why food and drinks mean a lot to people. Also, we are sure that people living in many different countries agree with us. And if you are aware, each country has its own unique food and drink. 

For example, let’s talk about Turkey, the country in which we live. If you have come to Turkey before, you know for sure these drinks. If you ask which drinks, we can answer as Turkish tea and Turkish coffee. And before I forget, let’s talk about desserts. It can be served next to Turkish coffee or Turkish tea. Baklava and Turkish Delight are among the desserts you hear the most about in Turkey. Also, Turkish coffee and Turkish delight, Turkish tea and baklava are among the favorite.


Let’s briefly talk about Turkish tea. There is a method of preparing and presenting tea unique to Turks. A kind of black tea is produced in Turkey and grows on the eastern Black Sea coast. In this procedure, tea is made using a teapot consisting of two parts. Water is added to the bottom of the teapot, and tea is added to the top. After boiling the water is poured into the tea. And in this way, Turkish tea is prepared. There is no time when Turkish tea is consumed specially. You can drink Turkish tea around the clock. Turkish coffee is just like Turkish tea. The taste and its making are not the same, but you can drink Turkish coffee at any time. 

Let’s talk about baklava, which is the traditional dessert of the Turks. You should definitely choose baklava as a dessert next to Turkish tea. Let us give you some information about its content. Our materials used for making baklava include;

Handmade yufka, pistachios, walnuts or nuts finally butter and sorbe. It’s a dessert that seems very easy to prepare. But there are plenty of tricks to look out for. Pouring sorbet hot or cold is one of these tricks. 


Now we will talk about a dessert that is often consumed next to Turkish coffee. Many people have heard of Turkish delight before. Turkish Delight is a dessert prepared from water, sugar, starch and citric acid or tartaric acid or potassium bitartarate. You can add into the Turkish Delight walnuts, pistachios, nuts or dried fruits. There are three different sizes: small, large and medium. Turkish Delights, which are small, are usually served next to Turkish coffee. Because it is not a very sugary dessert, you can easily consume it. 


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