What Prerequisites Do I Need For Caribbean Medical School

Caribbean Medical School

The admissions requirements of Caribbean medical schools are quite like those located in the United States. The Caribbean Medical Universities’ admissions committee take into consideration several factors that are relevant predictors of prospective medical candidates.

Caribbean Medical School

More so, because medical course curricula are commonly linked to rigorous academic challenges, students are expected to showcase their ability to successfully assimilating the curriculum. Continue reading to know about Caribbean medical school prerequisites.

What are the medical program admission requirements?

To be a candidate of a medical school in the Caribbean’s, you are required to hold a minimum of 90 credit hours of education at a college level. Although the admissions division strongly prefers a baccalaureate degree, undergoing courses relevant to the medical science program at the higher secondary level are also useful to get enrolled in a college of your choice.

The requirements are structured by the State Medical Boards and are essential for obtaining licensure in the future in your respective countries. Students who can showcase exceptional academic achievements (but without a baccalaureate degree) can apply as well. To correlate with international licensure guidelines and ensure a successful academic career at a Caribbean Medical College, all applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants must be aged at least 18 years or above upon arrival at the college campus.
  • At least 90 credit hours of accredited undergraduate studies or Bachelor’s degree.
  • They must have completed the following subjects as part of their previous academic course ꟷ One academic year of General Chemistry, Biology or Zoology, Organic Chemistry, General Physics, as well as one semester of mathematics (including calculus or statistics) and English
  • The common academic entrance test results that you need to showcase can include any one of the following:
  • MCAT (optional)
  • GPA: 2.8
  • TOEFL: 60 or IELTS: 6.0 (if applicable)

How can you use this? Applicants can choose to back up their GPA scores with strong letters of recommendation to enhance their chances of being selected. This is a great way of impressing the members of the Admissions Committee, promoting your interest and strong motivation towards studying medicine.

The individual applications are comprehensively evaluated by the committee. Your statement of purpose is crucial as it gives away a sense of your individuality. Not to mention that you must try using all components of the application package to hint towards your capability to undergo an academic career in medical science.

The main purpose of the admission process is to determine whether you have the academic determination and passion to pursue a rigorous education offered by the medical school. This is more than just about your test scores and GPA calculations, as during personal interviews you will be judged on your interpersonal skills.

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These include your maturity, motivation, knowledge of the medical field, leadership ability and academic progression in time. For more tips on how to get into a Caribbean medical college, click here. Apply to a program today!

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