Prizes as Incentives at Work to Motivate Your Teams

When you’re trying to run a successful business, the efforts made by your employees to complete their tasks and excel in their roles can have a big impact on the results that you’re trying to achieve. Happy employees that are keen to work hard and do well for the company will be what takes your business to the next level – which is why you need to make sure you are creating a positive, safe working environment for everyone to enjoy. While maintaining good morale is key, you might also want to consider putting some other incentives in place to keep your teams driven.

Offering prizes for the team or individual who first hits their sales targets, or exceeds them by a certain percentage, could be a great way to do this. This system can relate to any kind of targets you set your teams, not just sales, but if you’re looking for some ideas for what to offer the winners, here are a few suggestions.

Gift Cards and Vouchers

These are easy prizes to organize and ones that people are always grateful for. Gift cards and vouchers can be used as a way to treat themselves to some new clothes, tech gadgets, or even a dinner out if it’s for a restaurant, and it is something that everyone can put to use. You can also choose the amount you spend on these cards, so it is an ideal prize for every budget due to this flexibility.

Food Hampers

Another option to explore is purchasing some stunning food hampers to give out as prizes for your winning employees. These hampers are always full of delicious treats, and often have brands or food items that people may not have tried before. It’s something that they can enjoy as individuals or share with others at home or in the office. They are often beautifully presented as well, so this will be an aesthetically pleasing prize as well as a tasty one.

Tickets to a Show

You could even purchase tickets to a gig or theatre show and offer that as a prize to a lucky winner too. These can make excellent incentives as it’s an opportunity to enjoy a nice evening out with a friend whether that’s seeing a great band or artist they love or a show that they have always wanted to see. It’s something that they might want to do, but don’t always treat themselves to so to having that on offer could work very well as a motivator to hit their work goals.

A Spa Day

When you’re working hard every day, it’s important to have some time to relax and pamper yourself. While you can always enjoy a nice bath at home, offering your employees the chance to win a day at a local spa, or even getting them a voucher for a full body massage could be something they would enjoy.

If you would like to keep your employees motivated and reward them for their hard work, consider offering these prizes as incentives as a morale boost and to encourage some healthy competition between your team members.

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