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surrogacy in Mexico

Today, many reasons prevent people from becoming parents. These are their health problems, infertility, career, and same-sex relations. That is why surrogacy in Mexico World Center of Baby is growing in popularity. Except for Mexican citizens, foreign couples and singles also can order its service to take delight in parenting.

What Are Surrogacy Laws in Mexico?

Surrogacy has been legal for 25 years in Mexico, though there were ups and downs like in any other healthcare and family-related spheres. Unlike the Mexican regulations in 1996, the contemporary world offers more convenient and beneficial conditions to intended parents. The law considers the interests of LGBT representatives and single men and women who want to take care of their children alone.

What Is the Average Cost of Surrogacy in Mexico?

Surrogacy is not a cheap service in countries worldwide. It is better to find an agency that can guarantee the best conditions and successful outcome than to search for a surrogate mother who can change her mind or do not follow the agreement rules. She can take the money and escape or hurt a baby when consuming harmful substances like drugs, medicines, alcohol, and nicotine because nobody controls her 24/7.

The cost depends on the provided service. For example, the World Center of Baby helps in the following cases:

  • both partners are not fertile and need a donor’s eggs,
  • one of the partners is not fertile (or is single),
  • a person has health problems and cannot stand the gestational period and the vaginal delivery or anesthesia;
  • same-sex partners;
  • parents who do not want to get pregnant because of career or other factors.

 The price for the service of the clinic varies between $73000 to $107000, which is cheaper than in Canada or the USA.

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Is Surrogacy Agency in Mexico for Gay Couples Too?

Mexico, including the World Center of Baby, does not discriminate against genders, religions, and sexual orientations. Everybody has equal rights in the desire to become a parent, though there is an eligibility program. It includes the next requirements:

  • no recent criminal history
  • passing an exam in the psycho-social evaluation
  • medical check

These documents prove that couples are ready for parenthood and can provide safety and psychological well-being for the baby.

How to Apply for Surrogacy in Mexico?

First off, a person should decide whether to search for a mother independently or entrust this business to professionals who will create a perfect environment for parents and a mother. Nobody gives warranties in the first case. Speaking about the second choice, people seek clinics, read testimonials, consider their prices and services. Then they visit a forum and read the FAQ section that usually answers all questions about eligibility, the selection of surrogate mothers, delivery of eggs, etc.

Afterward, a couple fills in the application form to get a free consultation with a manager. Together, they adjust the service to the couple’s needs and start a successful program that always guarantees a healthy child for caring parents.

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