Purity, Simplicity and Reality in Metaverse and NFT


The perception of reality and simplicity are important concepts that people always try to answer and that have a place in a corner of their life. It may not be understood how these two concepts emerged and how they are related to each other, but there is a known slope and that is that there are two things that we can never remove from our lives.

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Reality is always something that matures us apart from right and wrong. In addition to having a psychological place in our lives, it can also show itself in the world and in various fields. Although the concepts of Metaverse and NFT seem like difficult decisions to understand and reconcile with reality, they are actually important signs that the perception of reality has changed. Fashion can be counted among the important factors that determine a person’s lifestyle and most importantly his style. In fashion, the perception of reality is combined with our real world. So how can this perception be applied in a newly emerging universe?

The answer to this is not known for sure, but it can be answered by making some guesses. First of all, the perception of reality enters a different phase thanks to digital life, and as a result, the person finds reality in a digital environment. The environments we call Metaverse and NFT come to the fore as the new dimension of the perception of reality. The fashion world easily adapts to the Metaverse universe, just as it is in continuity in the real world, and thus a new idea of reality takes its place in people.

Man’s understanding of simplicity, albeit a little, sheds light on his real world, and simplicity brings purity with it. Purity and simplicity is something that is inherent in man. He has revealed this in his work in every area of human life. One of these areas is fashion. Simplicity in fashion is a phenomenon that will never get old, and purity is the feature that distinguishes it from others and reveals it. Platforms such as Metaverse and NFT are environments that can be questioned in terms of simplicity and purity. There is one thing that should be known, that these universal environments carry traces of the real world. So, how does the sense of purity, simplicity and reality come to life in the digital environment by being mixed with fashion?

The concepts of NFT and Metaverse are the emergence of something that never actually existed. That is, these concepts are not names that were previously given to other things. It is unique and unmatched. In fact, NFT and Metaverse create an indispensable environment of purity and reality for fashion, because the new reality of fashion is in this universe.

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