Reasons Why Drains Become Blocked 

If you have ever encountered a blocked drain, you probably wanted to know what caused it. It may not be something you are aware of, so you may wonder why it suddenly started to happen. However, if you know what causes drains to become blocked, you can take the necessary measures to avoid it. Here are some reasons why drains can get blocked. It could be a slow drain that eventually stops working, or it might happen suddenly. In either case, the water will be unable to drain. 

The most common causes of blocked drains are foreign objects, hair, kitchen grease and other debris. To avoid these causes, it is essential to understand why drains become blocked. A blockage can become very expensive if you don’t know how to deal with it properly. This article will discuss the most common causes of drain blockage, along with the ways to prevent them in the future. In addition to hair, other common reasons for blocked drains include hair, grease and debris. You can visit

Another common cause of drain clogs is grease and fat from cooking, which can be effectively managed with grease trap cleaning services from Waste Clear, ensuring your drainage system remains free-flowing and efficient. These solidify and block pipes. These substances can also damage septic systems and sewage lines. This is why it is vital to clear your gutters regularly to avoid clogging. If you find your drain clogged, contact a professional plumbing service as soon as you notice signs of a blockage. It is important to clear away debris before it gets into your drainage system. 

Toiletry waste can also contribute to blocked drains. These items can clog the main drain, as they absorb water and expand when flushed. Avoid flushing these items down the toilet and put them in your garbage can instead. These items are also common causes of drains becoming blocked, so try to keep them out of the toilet at all times. If you are using a dishwasher, do not put dirty food down the drain. The same goes for emptying the trash. 

Besides regular maintenance, clogged drains can lead to major problems with your home’s plumbing. Professional plumbers will need to be hired to repair any damage to pipes and prevent future blockages. Even though plumbers can be costly, they are the best option for a blocked drain. It is also important to learn how to properly flush toilets and learn how to prevent blocked drains in the future. You can also educate your household members about proper drainage habits. 

Another common cause of drain blockage is wipes. Wipes do not break down as toilet paper does. Therefore, you should never flush wipes down the toilet. Wipes also contain fats, which can solidify in drains. Once a fat berg was found in the sewers of London, it was the size of a double decker bus! It’s not uncommon for a household to experience blocked drains because of sanitary waste. 

Outdoor drains can also be a problem. The underlying problem is not clogged water; instead, a clogged drain can lead to flooding of the property. If you have a garden, make sure to regularly rake and remove leaves and debris that can clog the drain. Also, avoid planting trees that are known to cause clogs in drains. The most common culprits of outdoor drains are tree roots and shrubs. 

Tree roots can get into the drainage system through tiny cracks or holes. The root system can then damage pipes and block them. Fortunately, CCTV drain surveys are available to detect

the presence of tree roots in drainage systems. Likewise, small objects, such as rags and clothes, can get stuck in drains. In addition to debris, they can also cause clogged drains. If you have a tree root problem, you may need to cut off the tree and replace the pipes altogether. 

Tree roots are a silent threat to drains. While they are often unseen without special camera equipment, their presence can cause a blockage or even collapse of drain pipes. To avoid this, you should carefully check for cracks before you begin landscaping, gardening, or using heavy machinery around your home. If you see any cracks in your drain, you should immediately contact a plumber or other drainage professional. There are many reasons why drains become blocked, and it is best to be proactive and prevent any problems from happening.

If you cannot dodge a blocked drain and need professional help for blocked drains in Melbourne, the best thing to do is to research reputable plumbing companies. The ones with tenure and positive reviews tend to be the ones that yield the best results. 

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