Relocation Packages: What to Expect and How to Negotiate

So, finally, the time is here! You’ve got the opportunity to move to another country. Moving to a new country is exciting but not always all exciting, right? There are many things to consider, from finding a place to live to navigating a new culture. If you’re considering relocating, you may want to consider many things, including using a relocation package. These packages can provide various services, from visa assistance to finding a job, to help make your transition smoother.

But what exactly is included in a relocation package? And how do you know everything to consider when choosing a package? In this article, we’ll answer these questions and provide some tips on negotiating a relocation package that meets your needs.

What exactly is a Relocation Package?

A Relocation Package is a helpful care package companies or organizations provide when someone needs to move to a new place. Many services are bundled together to make the whole moving process smoother. Here’s a breakdown of what you might find in such a package:

Visa Assistance: They can lend a hand in getting all the necessary paperwork and permissions so you can live and work in your new country without any hassles.

Housing Assistance: They’ll assist you in finding a place to live, sorting out rental agreements, and setting up all the necessary utilities, making the housing part of your move much easier.

Job Search Assistance: Need help with your resume, preparing for interviews, or expanding your professional network in the new location? The package can offer support in these areas, too.

Cultural Orientation: Moving to a new place often means adapting to a different culture. The package might include information about local customs, laws, and ways of life, helping you settle in comfortably.

Language Assistance: If the new location speaks an unfamiliar language, the package might cover language classes or translation services to bridge the communication gap.

Financial Assistance: Managing finances in a new place can be tricky. The package might guide budgeting, help you find suitable banking services, and offer assistance in transferring funds smoothly.

Things to consider when choosing a relocation package

Not all relocation packages are created equal. When selecting a package, it’s important to consider the following:

Identify Your Needs: Consider your unique requirements for the move. Do you require assistance finding a suitable home, setting up a bank account, or adapting to a new language?

Check the Company’s Reputation: Research the reputation and experience of the relocation service provider. Seek feedback from other employees who have utilized the company’s services. For instance, if you are relocating to Portugal, companies that specialize in Portugal relocation services may be beneficial.

Evaluate the Cost: Relocation packages have varying price tags based on the services offered. Obtain quotes from multiple companies to compare costs before finalizing your decision. This step is especially important when considering Portugal relocation services, as costs can differ among providers.

Negotiating your relocation package

Once you’ve chosen a relocation package, you may be able to negotiate the terms. Here are a few tips:

Research Matters: Find the standard for relocation packages in your industry and area. This info will help when you start negotiating.

Build Relationships: Establish a positive relationship with the HR representative or hiring manager. A good rapport can make negotiations more collaborative and increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Express Your Needs: Communicate what you require and what you’re willing to be flexible about. This sets the stage for productive discussions.

Timing Matters: Choose the right time to negotiate. Ideally, discuss the relocation package after you’ve received a job offer but before you sign a contract. This ensures you have more leverage.

Request a Trial Period: If there’s uncertainty about the new location, propose a trial period before finalizing the terms. This allows both parties to assess the situation and make adjustments if necessary.

Don’t Hesitate to Walk Away: If an agreement that satisfies you isn’t on the horizon, be ready to walk away. Your happiness matters, and there might be other options out there.

Leverage Your Options: Don’t limit yourself to one provider. Having multiple quotes allows you to compare offerings and negotiate for better terms.


Start planning early to lay the foundation for a smoother move, minimizing potential hiccups. Unforeseen challenges may arise, but stay focused and flexible. Viewing it as an exciting adventure opens the door to incredible opportunities. Being prepared to roll with the punches ensures you can gracefully navigate changes. Most importantly, maintaining a positive outlook is the catalyst for transforming the relocation experience. Have a safe trip, and here’s to a successful relocation journey!


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