Reviewing the Dinka Jester RR

Exploring the Los Santos Tuners Update

The racing update known as Los Santos Tuners lets you customize your sports vehicles even further (both with the engine and outside looks). Nowadays, you get to modify the stance (lowered) between the chassis and the ground with the menu and the low-grip tires. Additionally, you can find more decals or unique ways to enhance the looks of a car.

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Legendary Motorsports

With the Los Santos Tuners Update, all stores seem to have better upgrades. As a result, you can spend a few in-game virtual millions buying the fastest vehicles. We recommend that you start exploring any of those seller websites from the in-game cellphone.

The Legendary Motorsports website will help you unlock sports cars with outstanding attributes. Above all, there’s a way to lower the price of some of the expensive options after you complete the “Trade Price” (from the Los Santos Tuners Update) requirements.

Why is the Dinka Jester RR so good?

Now we give you the relevant information that aims to outline this GTA Online vehicle:

  • Acceleration: Looking at this attribute alone, the overall performance puts it at 82.3% total score. In other words, when you hit the accelerator, you’ll reach the highest positions from the start of the race.
  • Handling: We recommend that you grab the Dinka Jester RR and take it for a couple of spins before entering any race. The RWD drivetrain makes it easy to handle in a straight line but gets complicated on hard turns.
  • Max Speed: The top speed of the Dinka Jester RR is 94.8(mph)/152.5(kph), or in GTA Online terms: Not bad. Taking the attribute alone (81.83), you can find that not many vehicles reach this velocity.
  • Breaking: Reducing the speed is kind of an issue with the Dinka Jester RR. Overall, the attribute score is 28.3. Hence, it takes a lot of momentum to reduce the speed.
  • Modifications: With the Tuners Update, we experience many upgrades for the Dinka Jester RR. Indeed, like any other racing video game, you can always focus on those points that suit your playstyle. Adding more speed will help you reach the top places in any race. Instead, you could change things around and improve the handling.
  • Appearance: Get wild with the current options and visual changes. For example, you could change the bumpers, or even modify the engine colors.

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Real-Life Counterparts

Since GTA Online avoids the known sports cards from around the World like a plague, there’s a “mix” of sports vehicles appearing within the Dinka Jester RR design. First, you’ll discover parts from the Toyota GR Supra, Jaguar F-Type, and Toyota Corolla. Although a wild mixture, the hybrid assembly works.

You will find some inspiration from the Jaguar manufacturer (United Kingdom), also the Japanese parts of the Dinka Jester RR seem more prominent. Overall, the GTA Online game mode takes some liberties with regions and cities when they design a new sports car,

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