Role of Construction Companies

From new home construction to current home remodeling, home builders are entangled in all aspects of residential construction. Builders carry out maintenance, repair, renovation, and remodelling work in the residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors also. The construction process includes heavy equipment like cranes, excavators and boom trucks. Many contractors today rent out heavy machines using online sources. All they do is just find out the best service providers of crane rental near me through online directories. They can be introduced as contractors; they typically accept supervisory responsibilities such as organizing workers, coordinating tasks, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

A developer or property owner may hire a construction company to build a house or any other property. Owners often employ construction companies to organise all aspects of their construction project. Nowadays, there are many construction companies offering best services with their specific designs and skilled labourers. 

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The duties performed by a builder during a standard construction process is as follows:

* First, the construction site is staked out, using protective barriers and signs. Then, all the necessary machinery and tools, such as concrete cement mixers, cranes and hoists, as well as all building materials, are brought to the site. The ground is fixed and earth moving operations are performed out using excavators, bulldozer, diggers and loaders

* After that, the construction phase begins. This involves laying the footings and foundation walls or columns, marking out the wall positions, building the perimeter walls, erecting the frame, and arranging the beams, joists and girders and the roof covering. 

* Then ,the walls and any other masonry structures are constructed by following the lines marked out earlier. Where bricks are used these are placed one by one, with a layer of mortar placed between the new brick and the previous course. Walls must be built level, plumb and straight in order to make sure stability and strength. 

* At this stage, the walls may need to be protected. 

* Once the frame has been finished, the builders sets the electricity, water and gas connections together with electricians and plumbers

* Finally, the finishing work is done. This is done by plastering the walls, fitting windows and doors and painting the surfaces

* Once the work has been completed, the site is cleaned and cleared.

All of the above work is performed in accordance with the construction plan made by an architect or engineer, under the administration of the site manager and the construction foreman. It is the duty of builders to make sure that all employers and subcontractors are completing their assigned work. They inspect work on a daily basis. 

Builders use many different varieties of building  materials. The most popular are bricks (fired or unfired), mortar, lime, iron, steel, wood, stone,, plasterboard (or drywall), or ordinary reinforced cement concrete, as well as many types of precast and prefabricated structures.

Builders also use many  different tools, such as hammers, trowel,plumb line, scalpels, taping knives, pliers, saws, drills, measuring tapes, brushes, wheelbarrows and concrete vibrators

A typical workday for a builder can be more than the usual eight hours. 

So construction work is mainly a manual job, builders need to have strength, stamina and physical fitness for performing their job.

The  workplace of a builder is a construction site that is noisy and dusty.  Builders may have to work at considerable height as well as underground so it is important that builders carefully follow the safety and accident prevention measures and also wear the personal protective equipment (PPE), including hard hats, gloves, protective glasses and safety shoes so that the can protect themselves.

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